2017 California’s Great America Winterfest Dining Plans

Guests at California’s Great America get one of the best benefits of all if you are a season passholder…4 seasons of use, which means riding roller coasters from spring through winter. In addition, it means guests with All-Season dining plans can eat from late March through December, making it a tremendous value thanks to special events like Haunt and Winterfest!

So lets take a look at what meals are offered on the 2017 California’s Great America Winterfest dining plans. For the complete list of menu options throughout the park, be sure to visit our 2017 California’s Great America Winterfest Food Guide.

11 Pipers Piping Pizza

– Slice of Pizza and Garlic Bread
– Slice of Pizza and Side Salad

American Corners Christmas Café (American Cafe)

– Chicken Tender Basket
– American Cafe Burger
– Turkey Dinner
– Hand Dipped Corn Dog Basket

Cocina de Navidad (Outback Shack)

171201 California's Great America Cocina de Navidad Poblano Corn Chowder ©Tiffany Dixon

– Traditional Pork Tamales with Classic Red Chili
– Fish Tacos
– Fish and chips
– Sourdough Bread Bowls with Poblano Corn Chowder or Bay Area Clam Chowder
– Bowl of Soup (Pozole, Menudo, Poblano Corn Chowder or Bay Area Clam Chowder)

Maggie Brown’s Festive Dinner (Maggie’s Smokehouse and Fried Chicken)

171125 California's Great America Maggie's Festive Feast Turkey Dinner ©Ashley Robbins

– Turkey Dinner
– Ham Dinner
– Chicken Tender Dinner
– 2 Piece Chicken Dinner

Prancer’s Pizza (Pizza Orleans)

171203 California's Great America Winterfest Prancer's Pizza Baked Ziti ©Ashley Robbins

– Baked Ziti & Garlic Bread
– Slice Pizza & Garlic Bread
– Slice Pizza & Side Salad

Joe Cool Café

171124 California's Great America Winterfest Joe Cool Cafe Turkey Leg ©Ashley Robbins

– Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog
– One Slice Pizza and Side Salad
– Chicken Tenders
– Joe Cool Burger
– Turkey Leg Platter


– 6″ Sub & Bag of Chips

Panda Express

– Two Entrée Plate & Side

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