Wildwater Kingdom Dining Plans

Similar to the Cedar Point meal plans, Wildwater Kingdom, located in Aurora, Ohio, offers dining plans for their guests looking to possibly save some money on their dining experience.

Wildwater Kingdom offers two levels of meal plans, a Single Meal Deal and All Day Dining Plan. There currently is no all-season plan like they offer at Cedar Point.

Dining plans are valid at two locations in the park, Pizza Pier and Happy Harbor Cafe.

You can purchase the meal plans at the main gate, Pizza Pier, or Happy Harbor. After purchasing your All Day plan, you receive a wristband that gets scanned at each redemption. Single Meal Deals are given in the form of a receipt that you take to either of the locations.

140803 Wildwater Kingdom Single Meal Deal Tickets

Single Meal Deal

The single meal deal costs $11.99, and includes your entree, side, and a beverage.

All Day Dining Plan

For $23.99, guests can eat once every 90 minutes. The All Day plan includes an entree and a side, but not a drink.

The 10% Season Pass Holder Discount does not apply to All Day Dining plans.

Meals available with the dining plans are listed below.

Pizza Pier

– Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza Slice with Fries
– Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza Slice with Salad

We recently used a single meal deal, and also had the option to get two pieces of pizza in lieu of a side.

Happy Harbor

– Cheeseburger with Fries
– Hot Dog with Fries
– Chicken Fingers with Fries
– Aurora Pretzel Club with Fries

Note, at either location, side substitutions are available.

So are the Dining Plans a good deal?

The single meal deals are a slightly cheaper option than purchasing them directly at each stand. At Happy Harbor, the same meals run $11.99-$13.59. At Pizza Pier the same meals cost $11.99-12.99.

The real money savings comes in the form of the All Day Dining Plan. If you can eat three meals in the park in a day, this can be of great value to you. This plan would especially be useful for families, who could rotate who eats every 90 minutes.

It is also really nice to see salad listed as an available side.

Have you gotten to take part in either of the Wildwater Kingdom Dining plans?

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