Tom+Chee Find Permanent Home at Kings Island in 2017

Tom+Chee Kings Island

Back in October 2016, we were excited to learn that Kings Island had partnered with the Shark Tank sensation, Tom+Chee, to offer guests their signature grilled cheese sandwiches and soups during the Haunt season. (Reference: Tom + Chee Opens for Kings Island Haunt)

At the time, the arrangement was a test, offering a limited menu in the former Rivertown Hot Dog stand adjacent to the Diamondback roller coaster.

During the off-season, Kings Island worked with Tom + Chee to see if they would be able to make the current location work for the 2017 season.

We are excited to announce that Tom + Chee will be a permanent fixture at Kings Island this year!

Tom + Chee will be on the Kings Island dining plans this season. For more details, see the 2017 Kings Island Dining Plan info!

Will you be daring enough to try the Grilled Cheese Donut, which takes a glazed doughnut as the bun with melted cheddar cheese in-between? Or maybe the Grilled Mac+Cheese is more your style. What ever your choose, having Tom+Chee as a new option at Kings Island this summer will be a great addition to the food lineup!

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