Review: Knott’s Berry Farm Grizzly Creek Lodge Veggie Pizza

170512 Knott's Berry Farm Veggie Pizza ©Jeff Lee (1)

Everyone loves pizza and thus why it is a go to menu options for a lot of guests when visiting amusement parks. We decided to use our Knott’s Berry Farm dining plan to try the veggie pizza one evening.

The Knott’s veggie pizza is loaded with red, yellow, green bell peppers and red onion.

When we ordered our meal, the pizza happen to come fresh out of the oven hot and tasty! The Knott’s pizza featured a relatively thick and good crust.

We added crushed red pepper to the pizza to give it some extra spice.

The veggies were good but mostly peppers. We would have liked maybe less peppers and the addition of other vegetables. One more different item like mushrooms would have made it feel like a “veggie” pizza.

170512 Knott's Berry Farm Veggie Pizza ©Jeff Lee (2)

We were asked if we wanted fries, salad, fruit, or bag of chips as our side but forgot to remind them when the food came out.

Tip: If crushed pepper does not do it for you, grab some jalapenos from the toppings bar at places like Grizzly Creek Lodge.

170512 Knott's Berry Farm Veggie Pizza ©Jeff Lee (3)

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