Review: Cedar Point’s Bay Harbor Escargot

150731 Cedar Point's Bay Harbor Escargot

One of the delicacies that are getting harder to find outside of a fine French restaurant is escargot. During a date night to Cedar Point, we elected to stop into Bay Harbor, Cedar Point’s lakefront fine dining establishment for some drinks and appetizers.

For $12, guests receive a tray of six (6) escargot served in a Garlic Shallot Butter with a Cheese Baguette.

We strongly suggest you also get the basket of bread and flavored butters, as you will want the extra bread to dip into the butter after the escargot are gone.

We loved the Bay Harbor escargot, though understand they are more of a delicacy that not everyone will enjoy or want to try. For the adventuresome eater, the escargot provide a nice appetizer to kick off your evening.

One of the other items on the menu is the signature drink named after the Raptor! The drink features Smirnoff Silver Vodka, Bacardi Light Rum, Peach Schnapps, Blue Curaçao, pineapple juice, Sprite.

150731 Cedar Point Bay Harbor Raptor Cocktail

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