Review: Cedar Point Bay Harbor Lobster Bisque

151021 Cedar Point Bay Harbor Lobster Bisque

Ask us what is the best kept secret at Cedar Point is, and it is most certainly Bay Harbor. Located just outside the marina entrance is a fine dining establishment overlooking Lake Erie with the shadows of the world record breaking roller coasters in the shadows. Bay Harbor consistently cooks up the best food available on the peninsula, and if you play your cards right, you can cut the cost of your bill significantly. See the tips at the end of this post.

One of our favorite nights of the year to visit Bay Harbor is during the off-season for $15 pasta night on Wednesdays. Guests get a hefty portion of pasta with a variety of meats or seafood, along with a great piece of cheese toast which is always amazing!

We normally add on a side salad with our meal, but during a recent visit we instantly jumped on the chance to try the Bay Harbor lobster bisque ($9).

The soup is cooked in a cognac cream sauce with lots of fresh lobster meat that collected nicely in the bottom of the bowl.

The Bay Harbor lobster bisque may just be one of the best dishes we have ever tried at the restaurant! Amazingly creamy with nice lobster flavor and of course all those delicate lobster meat pieces.

151021 Cedar Point Bay Harbor Lobster Bisque Closeup

The lobster bisque at Bay Harbor has certainly won our spoons, as it makes an excellent accompaniment to any meal, or even as a stand alone dish.

Bay Harbor Tips

1) Take advantage of visiting during the off-season to avoid crowds and enjoy a more relaxing environment. By doing so, you can also take advantage of some of the best specials of the year.

2) Bring your parking receipt with you, as Bay Harbor is the only place on the peninsula that will refund or credit you the full amount paid including the toll fee.

3) Take advantage of a special offer to save at least 50% off your dining experience at Bay Harbor. Plus keep checking back as we update the thread with the latest promo codes and sales to save you even more money.

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