Knott’s Berry Farm Boysenberry Cronut vs Turnover

160417 Knott's Berry Farm Cronut

Picture it is early morning and you are anxiously awaiting for the gates to Knott’s Berry Farm to open for the day. So you spend some time wondering around the Knott’s Berry Farm Marketplace and find yourself in the bakery with a ton of great treats to choose from, but can not make up your mind.

Now imagine you left the park for the day and return home, only to regret one major decision from your trip. You did not purchase a boysenberry cronut!

Despite their expensiveness, the boysenberry cronut, which is a combination croissant and doughnut, was a necessary indulgence for our recent trip to the Farm.

The soft, flaky dough accompanied by hints of boysenberry and a light glazing made for the perfect treat.

160419 Knott's Berry Farm Boysenberry Turnover

Boysenberry Turnover

While at the bakery, we also decided to pick up a boysenberry turnover. The large pastry was packed full of boysenberry deliciousness. The outside pastry was coated in one of our favorite accompaniments, large granules of sugar.

This is where the pastry industry and our personal tastes differ. The pastry itself was rather dry and left a lot to be desired. We happen to be big fans of a moist pastry, no matter what the application. Now granted, a really soft pastry may not have held the boysenberry filling of the turnover together as well.

Regardless, both treats were enough to hold us over long enough…until the next food stand appeared in our glimpses.

Pair your Knott’s Berry Farm cronut or bakery treat with a Starbucks boysenberry frappuccino, sold exclusively at the location in the Marketplace!

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