Kings Island World’s Greatest Funnel Cakes to Be Replaced with Games

150517 Kings Island World's Greatest Funnel Cakes

Chances are if you visited Kings Island, you stopped at the World’s Greatest Funnel Cakes in Rivertown for one of two notable items, the Elephant Ears or the blue ice cream topped funnel cakes. The prior only being available at this stand. On January 16, 2016 it was discovered by a couple of the fan sites that the Kings Island World’s Greatest Funnel Cakes was razed on the webcams. So the speculation began immediately with what could be going in its place.

A new roller coaster? Flat Ride? Food stand?

Shortly after the discovery, Kings Island sent out on Twitter the below announcement that a new soccer game would be going in at the Rivertown area of the park.

We have since confirmed with park officials that the soccer game and some basketball games will be going in the spot of the former World’s Greatest Funnel Cakes stand. We also received word that a new funnel cake stand will be constructed within the area.

So for the time being, no new rides will be going in this area.

Kings Island Diamondback Webcam captured Monday, January 18, 2016

160118 Kings Island Diamondback Cam

Kings Island Soccer Game Tweet

160118 Kings Island Soccer Game Tweet

However, as Greg Scheid sent out on January 18, blueprints are in the works. What could it be?

160118 Greg Scheid Blueprints Tweet

Update 1/31/16: Kings Island released additional information today via Instagram, showing the construction status of the new funnel cake stand.

160131 Kings Island New Rivertown Funnel Cake Building Construction

160131 Kings Island New Rivertown Funnel Cake Building Location

4/16/15 Update With the park opening for the 2016 season, we all now get a glimpse into the current and the future of Kings Island.

160416 Kings Island Rivertown Funnel Cake Building

Kings Island new Funnel Cake building in the Rivertown section really is an impressive upgrade to the area. The new building features dull sides to create your own custom funnel cake, as well as serving a fan favorite, elephant ears. The rustic feel of both the interior and exterior were quite beautiful and fit with the theme of the area.

Across from the funnel cake building, both a new soccer and basketball games were installed.

160415 Kings Island Rivertown Basketball

160415 Kings Island Rivertown Soccer

On the site of the former funnel cake building, we now get our first hint about what the future could be at Kings Island. So what do you think?

160416 Kings Island Project 2017 Site

160416 Kings Island Rivertown Project 2017 Backside of Fence

There is currently no need to peak through the fence, climb the benches, or use a selfie stick to capture what is going on with the other side of the fence. Simply ride the train and the entire area comes into view. 🙂

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