Discount California’s Great America Tickets on Groupon

April 2017 California's Great America Groupon

Get your early season rides on at California’s Great America (CGA), where they debuted the new Patriot roller coaster this season. Or try last years big hit, the Electronic Arts (EA) Mass Effect: New Earth experience.

The best current deal on tickets on the CGA website is $39.99 for a one-day ticket for the Everyone Pays Kids Price promotion. Adding in taxes and fees, the price comes to $45.98 per person. However, Groupon is running a special promotion that will save you even more!

Link: California’s Great America Groupon Tickets (affiliate link)

For $34.50 per person, you can purchase CGA tickets valid through May 26, 2017. Since no taxes or fees are collected when buying through Groupon, this results in a substantial savings!

While at CGA, be sure to check out the new Maggie’s Smokehouse and Fried Chicken restaurant, offering great new options for 2017.

Stay tuned as we work to get you a complete California’s Great America Dining Guide in the near future!

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