Opening Memorial Day Weekend 2017: Kings Island Soak City Island Smokehouse

2017 Kings Island Soak City Island Smokehouse Concept Art

©Kings Island

There is obviously a lot of buzz and excitement about Kings Island’s new Mystic Timbers, and the age old mystery about #WhatsInTheShed. The other major news for 2017 will be the reintroduction of Winterfest select nights in November and December, offering guests the chance to extend their season with the park decorated in holiday lights and decorations.

However, Kings Island is not stopping there, with lots of new dining enhancements for the 2017 season. The major news is the introduction of a brand new experience inside Soak City. The official name is Island Smoke House and will feature a new lineup of premium dining options that are guaranteed to be really popular with guests.

For starters, the new restaurant will feature a wood fired smoker that is going to emit that sweet mesquite smell that is going to really get the customer excited for meal time. We know we can not be the only ones that get really excited at the smell of fresh BBQ!

Executive Chef Nathan Gushulak has a terrific lineup of food options that are going to be available at the Island Smoke House. Some will be regular menu items, while others will be limited time offerings that pop up throughout the year.

How about a variety of smoked pork options like everyone’s favorite, shredded pork? Or one of our personal favorites, chef created smoked chicken wings! We think the Kings Island hand breaded chicken tenders (Chicken Shack) happen to be the best in the entire Cedar Fair chain of parks, so we are excited to hear they will be carrying them at Island Smoke House. The new restaurant will also feature fried shrimp as an option, which we are really excited to try.

Other more seasonal options that the park could introduce includes a carving station to feature smoked turkey, brisket, etc. They will also have the ability to steam clams inside the facility for special events, etc.

For those with special diets, like gluten free options, we were excited to learn there could be several options available since the kitchen is outfitted with exclusive cooking and prep areas just for that purpose.

The side dish options inside Island Smoke House will include baked beans, fries, mac & cheese, coleslaw, and possibly some corn bread. In general, Kings Island will really be making a big push for fresh in 2017, so we are equally as excited for the side dish options and the smoked meats.

Guests will also be excited to learn there will be fresh salad and wrap options available, and some of them sound really exciting!

After all that, there is even more great news as the Island Smoke House will have select meals on the dining plans for 2017. More details on that coming soon.

170210 Kings Island Soak City Island Smokehouse Construction

The Island Smoke House will feature an indoor, air conditioned seating area for guests to over look the children’s area of Soak City. Or the opposite side of the building will feature a covered patio area.

You will also be excited to learn that Island Smoke House will feature an exclusive express refill line, exclusively for those with souvenir cups. But wait…there’s more. Island Smoke House will include Coca-Cola Freestyle stations with all new options for 2017.

Construction Photos

170218 Kings Island Smokehouse ©@KIChefNate


170224 Kings Island Smokehouse ©@KIChefNate


170309 Kings Island Smokehouse Construction ©@KIChefNate


170318 Kings Island Smokehouse Construction ©@KIChefNate


170325 Kings Island Smokehouse Construction ©@KIChefNate


170403 Kings Island Smokehouse Construction ©@KIChefNate


170417 Kings Island Smokehouse Construction ©Kings Island

©Kings Island

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