2017 Cedar Point Brew & BBQ

160527 Cedar Point Brew & BBQ Tickets

Can you smell the smokers slow cooking meat? That aroma means it is time to start getting excited for one of Cedar Point’s most popular events, the Brew & BBQ.

The 2017 Cedar Point Brew & BBQ takes place on the following weekends:
May 19 – May 21
May 26 – May 29
June 2 – 4
June 9 – June 11

Brew & BBQ starts at 2:00 pm each day and runs until close. However, food and beverage sales end a half hour before park close.

Admission to Brew & BBQ is included with your park ticket/season pass. However, if you wish to try any of the food or beverage, you will need to purchase tickets.

Advanced online sales are $67 for Cedar Point + Brew and BBQ Admission. Tickets for Brew & BBQ are $20 when purchased in advance.

If you wait to purchase tickets until you arrive at the park, they are $97 (Cedar Point + Brew and BBQ Admission Bundle), $30 (Brew and BBQ Only (park admission required)), or $25 (Brew and BBQ Only (Passholders, Resort Guests and Marina Passholders)).

An additional 15 tickets can be purchased at the event for $20.

Your Brew & BBQ admission gets you 15 tickets, a souvenir sample mug, and live entertainment.

Season passholders, upon checking into the event, will receive a bonus ticket redeemable for a 12 oz. glass of the Brew Kettle beer.

Just like previous years, 1 ticket gets you a sample of beer, or a sample of BBQ, or new for 2017, 1 dessert. 3 tickets gets you a 12oz beer or full serving of BBQ. 1 ticket can also be used at the Round Up for a 16oz Coca-Cola product.

160527 Cedar Point Brew & BBQ

2017 Cedar Point Brew & BBQ Menu

So now for the important stuff, the menu! This year Brew and BBQ will include dessert options, which we are really excited to try!

There will be four styles of BBQ at the event:

Carolina BBQ

160527 Cedar Point Brew & BBQ Pulled Chicken with Candied Jalapenos

– Pulled Pork Sliders
– Chicken Sliders
(Served with Carolina Vinegar BBQ, Mustard BBQ, or Smoky BBQ Sauce)

These little sliders provide a great opportunity to mix and match the flavors you enjoy or even try something new.

Kansas City BBQ

170521 Cedar Point Brew BBQ Kansas City Ribs

Smokehouse Ribs (Dry Rub or with BBQ Sauce): We sampled both the dry rub and wet versions of the ribs. The meat fell off the bone easily and they were both very flavorful. While last year we thought they were the best meal of the event, this year they did not quite pack the same flavor and impact.

170521 Cedar Point Brew BBQ Texas Pecan Tartlet

Pecan Tartlet: Having just returned from the Kings Dominion Taste of Virginia and having an absolutely AMAZING piece of pecan pie, we were new fans of this southern pie. The dessert options for this years Cedar Point Brew & BBQ are new and proving to be VERY popular, as they completely sold out the first Saturday of the event! Fortunately there was more ready to go for Sunday during our visit.

While it is small in appearance and served in a small tin, the Cedar Point Brew & BBQ pecan tartlet was our favorite item of the event. Tons of flavor and really was an excellent pairing with all of the meat of the event.

170521 Cedar Point Brew BBQ Kansas City Banana Cream Pie 1

Banana Cream Pie: Also new on the menu for 2017 was this little dish of amazingness! Executive Chef Phil Bucco made a wise decision in adding dessert options to the menu this year, as it is a great option when paired with the BBQ or on their own.

170521 Cedar Point Brew BBQ Kansas City Banana Cream Pie 2

Memphis BBQ

170521 Cedar Point Brew BBQ Pork Shoulder Sandwich with Cole Slaw and Smoky BBQ Sauce

BBQ Pork Shoulder Sandwich with Cole Slaw and Smoky BBQ Sauce: A Memphis BBQ favorite, this slider sandwich was our least favorite of the event, as there was something off in flavor. We elect to defer our final opinion when we sample it again on our next visit.

170521 Cedar Point Brew BBQ Nashville Blue Plate BBQ 3

Smoked Sausage: Several items from the 2016 Brew & BBQ stood out, and one of them was the terrific smoked sausage. We choose to get the smoked sausage at the Nashville Blue Plate BBQ location. Once again this flavorful sausage did not disappoint and was excellent without any additional embellishments such as sauce.

Texas BBQ

170521 Cedar Point Brew BBQ Texas Smoked Sliced Brisket on Texas Toast with BBQ Sauce

Smoked Sliced Brisket on Texas Toast with BBQ Sauce: Chef Phil is turning out some really good smoked brisket, as it is always a favorite of ours. We choose to have it twice during our visit, once stand along and once again with the Nashville Blue Plate BBQ.

Sliced thin and served on top of Texas Toast and a dash of BBQ sauce, the brisket is a favorite option of ours.

170521 Cedar Point Brew BBQ Texas Barbecue Carnitas Nachos

Barbecue Carnitas Nachos: This dish has returned for the third year in a row as part of Brew & BBQ, and we understand why as it is a successful with the general audience and easy to prepare. If you like some heat, you must opt for the added jalapenos on top.

For the third year in a row, we really like this dish; however, our same complaint applies. We would like to see it served with a better chip than the corn chips currently offered. Even some red, white, and blue tortilla chips would really make this dish pop in both appearance and flavor.

Nashville Blue Plate BBQ (Inside Buckaroo’s Burritos)

170521 Cedar Point Brew BBQ Nashville Blue Plate BBQ 1

– Sliced Brisket
– Chopped Pork
– Smoked Sausage
– Mac N Cheese
– Potato Wedges
– Cole Slaw

Guests have the option to create their own plate inside Buckaroo’s Burrito’s. For one ticket each, you can sample the three meat or side dish options. See above for our previous feedback on both the brisket and sausage. The chopped pork served with this stand was really good and paired nicely with the cole slaw.

170521 Cedar Point Brew BBQ Nashville Blue Plate BBQ 2

Feel free to also read our review from last year for additional feedback.

Reference: 2016 Cedar Point Brew & BBQ

160527 Cedar Point Brew & BBQ Beer Sample

In addition to all the great BBQ, there will be a variety of breweries at Brew & BBQ.
Breweries and beers are subject to change.

10 Barrel

B Nektar
Kill All the Golfers
Zombie Killer

Ballast Point
Longfin Lager
Manta Ray
Pineapple Sculpin

Best Damn
Cream Soda
Root Beer

Blue Point
Blueberry Ale

Boston Beer
Angry Orchard Crisp Apple
Curious Traveler Lemon Shandy
Sam Adams Porch Rocker
Sam Adams Rebel Juiced IPA
Traveler Grapefruit Shandy

Ginger Lemon Radler

Columbus Brewery
Columbus IPA

Ginger Beer
Scottish Raspberry
Spiced Orange

Blackberry Pear Cider
Original Cider
Pear Cider

Black Butte Porter
Fresh Squeezed IPA
Hop Slice Summer Ale
Pacific Wonderland

Devils Backbone
8 Point
Vienna Lager

Downeast Cider
Cranberry Blend
Original Blend

Space Dust

Bumble Berry
Head Hunter
Sunshine Daydream

Goose Island
Four Star Pils
Green Line

Great Lakes
Burning River
Commodore Perry
Dortmunder Gold
Edmund Fitzgerald
Eliot Ness
Steady Rollin
Turntable Pils

Camp Wannamango
UFO Huckleberry
UFO White

Henry Weinhard’s
Hard Cherry
Hard Ginger Ale
Hard Grape
Hard Orange Soda

Jackie O’s
Hop Ryot
Mystic Mama

Big Wave

Grapefruit Shandy
Summer Shandy
Watermelon Shandy

Lexington Brewing
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale
Kentucky Peach Barrel Wheat
Kentucky Vanilla Barrel Cream Ale

Margaritaville Brewing

Market Garden
Progress Pilsner
Prosperity Wheat

Maui Brewing Company
Big Swell IPA
Bikini Blonde Lager
Pineapple Mana Wheat

New Belgium
Citradellic Exotic Lime
Fat Tire
Heavy Melon
Voodoo Ranger

North American Breweries
Magic Hat #9
Magic Hat Circus Boy
Magic Hat Electric Peel
Seagrams Jamaican Me Happy


Oskar Blues
Dales Pale Ale
Mama’s Lil Yella Pils

Platform Beer Co.
High Brow Barista
New Cleveland Palesner
Speed Merchant

Redhead Ciderhouse
Apple Pie
Blackberry Shandy

Cidergeist Bubbles
Peach Dodo

Shock Top
Lemon Shandy
Ruby Fresh

Huma Lupa Licious
Space Rock

Small Town Brewery
NYF Ginger Ale
NYF Rootbeer
NYF Vanilla Cream
NYM Apple Pie
NYM Ice Tea
NYM Strawberry Rhubarb

Spiked Seltzer
Cape Cod Cranberry
Valencia Orange

Arrogant Bastard
Go To
Ripper Pale
Who You Callin Wussie

Going Coastal

The Brew Kettle
All for One
Black Rajah
CP Shores Shandy
El Lupulo Libre
Frontier Trail Ale
Iron Horse Porter
Old 21
Slaughterhouse Red
Summer Rays
White Rajah

Prickly Pineapple
Raspberry Cider
Reposado Pear Cider

We want to hear what you love about Brew & BBQ. Let us know below in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “2017 Cedar Point Brew & BBQ

  1. Nrthwnd

    It’s our first time to this CP event. And we’re very much looking forward to it. And we’re coming to Coastermania! too! (o:

  2. Jill

    We were at the Brew fest this June at Cedar Point and loved this vanilla flavored beer…thought it was from Columbus but not sure. Does anyone know what this might be?


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