12 Cedar Fair Attractions That Celebrate Anniversaries in 2017

Here it is 2017, and we have all made another circle around the sun, seeking out adventure however you may. For those of us who enjoy the thrills of an amusement park, several attractions from throughout the Cedar Fair parks are celebrating anniversaries this year.

The oldest ride on our list this year is Cedar Point’s Cedar Downs Racing Derby, at a staggering 50 years old at the park.

The youngest is Kings Islands’ Firehawk, which celebrates 10 years at the park, though overall the ride is slightly older, as it was originally X-Flight before being transferred from Six Flags Worlds of Adventure (the former Geaugua Lake site).

This years list takes us from Canada’s Wonderland to Carowinds, Cedar Point, Dorney Park, Kings Island, Knott’s Berry Farm, Valleyfair, and Worlds of Fun. So lets see what special anniversaries we celebrate this year.

Canada’s Wonderland- The Bat (1987)

30th Anniversary

Carowinds- Vortex (1992)

25th Anniversary

Cedar Point- Maverick (2007)

10th Anniversary

YES! #Maverick sunsets at #CedarPoint

A photo posted by CPFoodBlog (@cpfoodblog) on

Cedar Point Iron Dragon (1987)

30th Anniversary

140525 Cedar Point Iron Dragon

Cedar Point Witches’ Wheel (1977)

40th Anniversary

Cedar Point - Witches' Wheel in Action!(Explored)

Cedar Point Cedar Downs Racing Derby (1967)

50th Anniversary at the park (originally made in 1920)

Cedar Downs Derby Race at Cedar Point is the largest of only two in the United States

A video posted by CPFoodBlog (@cpfoodblog) on

Dorney Park- Steel Force (1997)

20th Anniversary

#steelforce #dorneypark #rollercoaster #hypercoaster #steelcoaster #morgancoaster #amusementpark. Opening Day 2013

A photo posted by Stef O'Brien (@steelforcegirl07) on

Kings Island- Firehawk (2007)

10th Anniversary

#Firehawk celebrates its 20th Anniversary @KingsIslandPR this season

A photo posted by CPFoodBlog (@cpfoodblog) on

Kings Island Vortex (1987)

30th Anniversary

Knotts Berry Farm- Sierra Sidewinder (2007)

10th Anniversary

Speed + Spin = ??? #SierraSidewinder #Knotts

A photo posted by Knott's Berry Farm (@knottsberryfarm) on

Valleyfair- Renegade (2007)

10th Anniversary

Valleyfair Sunset

Worlds of Fun- Bamboozler (1987)

30th Anniversary

Worlds of Fun

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