2016 Valleyfair Dining Plans

This time of year is like Christmas for us at the CPFB because we never know what we will unwrap when new dining plan information is released. One of the parks we are really excited for is Valleyfair who will reveal a revamped menu list for the 2016 with some exciting options.

The Single Meal Deal can be purchased for $13.99 and is valid at participating locations. You will have a choice of menu options, see list below, and your meal includes a fountain drink.

The All-Day Dining Plan will offer guests a meal at participating locations every 90 minutes. The price is $29.99 and you get the choice of menu options below. Beverages are NOT included with the All-Day Dining Plan.

The All-Season Dining Plan offers you a meal twice per day spaced four (4) hours apart. The current cost to add this to your season pass is $90-135 dependent on whether you are a Platinum passholder or not.

2016 Valleyfair All-Season and All-Day Dining Plan Meal Options

Just like at Cedar Point, Valleyfair is the only other park having different options available for those with a single meal deal versus those with all-day and all-season dining. Items denoted with a * are not available with Single Meal Deal or Student Meal Voucher.

Cedar Point Meal Plans

Atomic Pizza & Beer (Near Xtreme Swing)

– Slice of Pizza & Smoothie*
– Slice of Pizza w/ Bread Stick or Salad
– 2 Slices of Pizza

Beach Bites (Soak City)(Dining options can be used in Soak City Waterpark Cabana)

– Grilled Chicken Sandwich Basket*
– Cheeseburger with a Side
– Chicken Strip with a Side
– Slice of Pizza w/ Bread Stick or Salad

Chicken Shack (Near the Ferris Wheel)

– Chicken Wings Basket (5 traditional wings) – Fries – Celery – Dipping Sauce
– Chicken Strip Basket
– Chicken Wrap Basket
– Crispy Chicken Sandwich Basket

Chickie’s & Pete’s (Near Looping Starship)

– 3 Chicken cutlets with 8 oz Crabfries and 2 sauces
– 1/3 Cheesesteak with 8 oz Crabfries with cheese

Coasters Restaurant (Near Galaxy Theatre)

– Bacon Cheeseburger Basket
– Cheeseburger Basket
– Chicken Strip Basket
– Crispy Chicken Sandwich Basket
– Veggie Burger Basket

Depot Refreshments (Near Enterprise)

– Depot Burger Basket – (1/4 Pound Burger Topped w/ Cheese Curds)*
– Cheeseburger Basket
– Chicken Strip Basket
– Chili Cheese Foot Long Dog Basket

Fryer Tucks French Fries (Near Xtreme Swing)

– Cheese Curds & Fries Basket*
– Chili Cheese Fries Basket
– Fish & Chips with a Side
– Chicken Strips with a Side

Mama Chetta’s Pizzeria (Near the Ferris Wheel)

– Slice of Pizza & Smoothie*
– Slice of Pizza w/ Bread Stick or Salad
– 2 Slices of Pizza

Monster Pronto Pups (Near Monster)

– Cheese on a Stick Basket (Includes bag of chips)*
– Jumbo Pronto Pup Basket (Includes bag of chips)

Northwoods Grill (Near Looping Starship)

– Brisket Sandwich Basket
– Bacon BBQ Cheeseburger Basket
– Foot Long Hot Dog with a Side
– Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich Basket

Panda Express (Near Dinosaurs Alive!)
– A full portion of any entree selection & side of fried rice or noodles

Planet Snoopy Grill (Planet Snoopy)

– Cheeseburger Basket
– Personal Pizza Basket
– Chicken Strip Basket (Gluten Free)
– Gluten-Free Sandwich & Side Salad

Sidewinder Burrito (Near Xtreme Swing)
Platters includes side of rice

– Tostadas Platter (2 Tostadas topped with any meat (also available vegetarian))
– Taco, Chips & Guacamole Platter
– Quesadilla Platter
– Burrito Platter
– Taco (2) Platter

Subway (Near Rip Tide)

– Any 6″ sandwich and a bag of chips (2 cookies may be substituted for chips)

Taste of Valleyfair Food Truck (In Rt 76)

– Combo Offer (Menu to change throughout the Season)

Triple Treats (Near Soak City)

– Cheese on a Stick Basket (Includes bag of chips)*
– Jumbo Pronto Pup Basket (Includes bag of chips)

Wild Thing Pronto Pups (Near Wild Thing)

– Cheese on a Stick Basket (Includes bag of chips)*
– Jumbo Pronto Pup Basket (Includes bag of chips)

Note: All menu options are subject to change at any time.

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Reference: 2015 Valleyfair Dining Plans

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