Which Cedar Fair Parks Offer Souvenir Cup Reactivation?

150516 Kings Island Coasterstock Souvenir Cup

You went and purchased your souvenir cup at any of the Cedar Fair parks. Now you decide to either visit the park another day or visit one of the many other Cedar Fair parks. What options do you have for refilling your souvenir cup?

As advertised, you can simply refill your cup for $0.99 all season long by taking it to any food counter offering a fountain drink dispenser. Note, Cedar Point is the only park currently testing $1.99 refills at Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.

While not advertised, if you already bought a current year souvenir cup, you can use it at ANY other Cedar Fair park, not just the park you purchased the cup.

Another unadvertised option at Kings Island, Dorney Park and Cedar Point is cup reactivation. At Dormey Park and Cedar Point, the souvenir cup can be reactivated at any food stand for a flat $5. If you are a Platinum season passholder, be sure to scan your card for an additional 10% discount. By reactivating your cup, you will get free refills all day, including at Freestyle locations.

At Kings Island, you can also reactivate your souvenir cup. The current price is $7.99 (minus the Platinum pass discount if applicable).

We have confirmed that the following parks do not offer a reactivation plan: Canada’s Wonderland, Carowinds, Kings Dominion, Worlds of Fun, and Knott’s Berry Farm. However, Carowinds is currently testing an all-season cup for $24.99, which gives you unlimited refills for the rest of the season. Do know that the all-season cups are only valid right now at Carowinds.

We are currently lobbying for the other parks to add the reactivation feature and encourage you to submit your suggestions to the parks too.

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