Two (2) Cedar Point Tickets on Living Social

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Still looking to head to the Cedar Point peninsula but you have been busy doing laundry? Well it is time to toss the basket to the side and get to the park as soon as possible because after September 7, the park is no longer open everyday of the week as they prepare for Halloweekends!

Luckily, there have been some fantastic end-of-the-year ticket deals. Right now there is a great ticket offer on Living Social, offering two (2) tickets for only $62. Where else are you going to find a deal better than that?

Link: Two (2) Cedar Point Tickets (affiliate link)

One does need to make sure they use the tickets prior to September 7, 2015, giving you a little more than a week from the time of this writing.

As an added bonus, if after buying you can get three of your friends to purchase the same offer, you get yours FREE!

Ok, so in this case, procrastinators get a great deal, but you need to act fast, because 1) there are only a very limited supply of tickets available, and 2) you only have so many more days to use the tickets.

As always, you can find your helpful Cedar Point food resource right here on the CPFoodBlog.

We make a small commission should you choose to make a purchase using the above link. Thank you!

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