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CEDAR POINT CHEESE ON A STICK – There are many, many ways people enjoy cheese. They pair it with wine to bring out the delicacies of the flavors. Or you can melt it in a pot and dip various breads, meats, and vegetables in the cheese. Or go back to the basics and cheese on a burger or pizza just is not the same without it.

Now think of visiting an amusement park, and ones mind naturally can go to all the wonderful “fair” food available in the parks. One of Cedar Point’s signature menu items is called cheese-on-a-stick. This food is not your standard provolone cheese stick deep fried that you get as an appetizer at any restaurant. This is a big chunk of cheese, dipped in batter, and fried golden brown.

Cheese-on-a-stick can be purchased at several locations around the park as highlighted below.

Happy Friar
Lakeside Express
Sagebrush Sue’s Frontier Food Co.

The Cheese on a Stick Basket includes choice of side chips or fruit cup. Guests using the Cedar Point meal plans (single meal, all-day, or season) get one or two cheese-on-a-stick (meal plan dependent).

You can also purchase cheese-on-a-stick individually.

140524 Cedar Point Sagebrush Sue's Frontier Food Co Cheese-on-a-Stick

So how are cheese-on-a-stick? Cast your calorie counter aside for the day (the cheese on a stick basket packs 700-870 calories), and prepared to be amazed!

The cheese-on-a-stick meal is a staple of our food choices a couple times each year on the Cedar Point dining plans. The thick batter conceals a soft, cheesy center. The heavy duty stick helps support the monster cheese stick, though be cautioned that with the soft, cheese center, once you bite into it and the batter breaks free from the stick, you may be subject to accidentally dropping it. The combination of flavors from the batter and cheese make for an excellent treat.

160813 Cedar Point Cheese on a Stick

Caution, make sure you let them cool adequately so the molten cheese in the center does not burn your mouth.

Go on and admit it, you have enjoyed a cheese on a stick at Cedar Point. If you did, let us know your thoughts below in the comments.

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