Review: Canada’s Wonderland Bistro 81 Montreal Smoked Meat

170624 Canada's Wonderland Bistro 81 Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich (1)

The Bistro 81 food truck at Canada’s Wonderland carries a more creative menu where guests can try a variety of chef favorites.

Take for example the Ontario BBQ Pork Belly. It is quite simply a magnificent creation and something we never even thought to try until we did at Canada’s Wonderland.

Guests can also try on the current menu some Great Canadian Poutine.

One item off the Bistro 81 meal we had been wanting to try was the Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich.

The chef takes layers of Montreal smoked corn beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, thousand island dressing on a rye bread and served with tri-colour coleslaw, dill pickle spears and spiral potato wedges.

During our visit, we opted to have the sandwich on the potato chive bun served with the pork belly because we are not a fan of rye bread.

Sadly during our visit, the operation of the food truck was horrendous. Despite very few people in line, there were many operational issues that resulted in very long wait times for food. By the time we received our food 45 minutes later, the meal was completely different than that advertised on the menu because they were out of nearly all the ingredients for every meal.

Our meal featured the corn beef with Swiss cheese, but that was pretty much it. There was no sauce, there was no sauerkraut. There was no coleslaw or dill pickle and the fries were fresh cut instead of spiral wedges.

170624 Canada's Wonderland Bistro 81 Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich (2)

We can understand small changes like a swap of fry type. However, this experience was a complete miss from what we thought was going to be a promising meal. While the sandwich was good as is and the meat was nice and crispy, the flavor potential from the sauce and sauerkraut was missed.

While we work very hard to find the positive in every meal, this meal sadly did not live up to its expectations.

When we tried the Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich, it was on the Canada’s Wonderland dining plans; however, during the week of July 15, 2017, Bistro 81 has been removed as an option. Given the horrendous operation during our visit, we could see on busy days where lots of guests would be looking to use their dining plan, the staff may have difficulty in keeping up.

It should also be noted that the Bistro 81 truck system was not scanning season passes for dining plans at the time. So guests had to walk over to Chicken Shack, ring out a receipt redeeming a dining plan, and then walk back over to the food truck to order food. By the time you waited in line at Chicken Shack and then back at the truck, that alone wasted a big deal of time, and could be a reason the dining plans are no longer offered at the food truck.

We are hoping during a future visit we will be able to try this meal option again and have a better experience.

Let us know below in the comments whether you had a good experience with the Bistro 81 food truck.

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