Hi, my name is Justin and I love elephant ears and tacos! Our family on average spends 40+ visits per season at Cedar Fair amusement parks across North America. Not only do we ride roller coasters and take in the live entertainment, we make it a point to try as much of the food offerings as possible.

Before we became food bloggers, we were a typical American family who enjoyed bringing our kids to amusement parks. While nothing has changed with our family’s desire for thrills, we found a passion in talking about what no sites were discussing…the food at Cedar Fair parks.

Together with the help of the parks and assistance of the CPFB community, we have built a loyal network of fans with a deep rooted desire for what makes Cedar Fair parks special.

I am frequently quoted in many leading news outlets – online, print and TV.

I am available for media appearances to provide:

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For general inquiries, press and media requests, or business partnerships please contact us. In addition to using the contact form, you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Here is a list of our articles, columns and mentions in the press for your reference.

12/20/17 Sandusky Register Cedar Point courting celebrity couple

12/4/17 Sandusky Register Cedar Point staying active in the offseason

10/25/17 Sandusky Register Cedar Point closing Sandcastle Suites, Extreme Sports Stadium

10/12/17 Sandusky Register Making the case for outsourcing Cedar Fair’s food and beverages

9/29/17 Sandusky Register Seasonal celebrations aplenty at Kings Island

9/22/17 Sandusky Register It’s time to check out Midnight Syndicate Live!

9/21/17 Sandusky Register A hunger for HalloWeekends’ fall-themed foods

9/19/17 Sandusky Register 5 reasons to fall in love with Cedar Point’s Great Pumpkin Fest

9/14/17 Sandusky Register Take a (virtual) ride on Cedar Point’s new roller coaster

9/14/17 Sandusky Register No need to be afraid: Here are 8 reasons to check out HalloWeekends

9/13/17 Sandusky Register Cedar Fair extends Peanuts license

9/6/17 Sandusky Register Erie County Day this Sunday at Cedar Point

8/24/17 Sandusky Register Nothing holds a candle to Cedar Point’s special candles

8/17/17 Sandusky Register New Cedar Point pass gets kids in for free

8/16/17 Sandusky Register Classic coaster reborn with a ‘Steel Vengeance’

8/15/17 Sandusky Register LeBron provides major assist to his I PROMISE kids

8/13/17 Sandusky Register Don’t be scared: Many new attractions headlining Halloweekends 2017

7/18/17 Sandusky Register A glimpse into Cedar Point’s new roller coaster

6/29/17 Sandusky Register Enjoy summer with a big bang, and more, at Cedar Point

6/9/17 Kings Island New Island Smokehouse a Game Changer

5/27/17 Sandusky Register Cedar Point Named Best Amusement Park

5/25/17 Sandusky Register Cedar Point Shores Serves Up Tasty New Food Options

5/16/17 Sandusky Register Bite into Brew & BBQ

5/9/17 Kings Island Coasterstock is the Premier Coaster Event of the Year

5/5/17 Sandusky Register A full serving of new Cedar Point food options

5/5/17 Kings Island Food Truck Fridays Feature Cincinnati Favorites

5/4/17 Sandusky Register Raise a glass to Cedar Point’s new beer: Shandy Shores

5/3/17 Sandusky Register 13 tips to plan the perfect Cedar Point trip with kids

5/2/17 Kings Island Tom+Chee Find Permanent Home

5/2/17 Sandusky Register Here’s how to ride all 17 CP coasters in 1 day

4/30/17 Sandusky Register New soft drink programs popping up at Cedar Point this year

4/28/17 Sandusky Register Sliding for Charity

4/27/16 Kings Island Reds Hall of Fame Grille Makes it Quicker to Eat

4/25/17 Sandusky Register Cedar Point steps up security measures

4/14/17 Sandusky Register Mystic Timbers shatters expectations

4/14/17 Huffington Post Kings Island’s Mystic Timbers Opens to “Awesome”, “Great”, and “Winner”

4/12/17 Sandusky Register Cedar Point Shores turning into reality (Front Page)

4/4/17 Sandusky Register State helps keep Cedar Point rides safe

2/27/17 Sandusky Register ‘Melt’ away hunger at Cedar Point this season

2/25/17 Sandusky Register Virtual reality roller coaster, Melt food and more coming to Cedar Point in 2017 (Front Page)

2/17/17 Sandusky Register 2 Sandusky hotels check in as best in nation

2/15/17 Kings Island Construction begins on Island Smokehouse

2/12/17 Sandusky Register With Mystic Timbers, Kings Island offers more mystique for thrill-seekers

2/11/17 Coaster 101 Guest Blog: Mystic Timbers Construction Update

1/20/17 Kings Island Coasterstock: The must do event of the spring

1/12/17 Sandusky Register Get clued in on Cedar Point’s Winter Chillout

1/9/17 Sandusky Register Delbert Feinstein bringing new life back to Cedar Point’s Frontier Trail (Front Page)

1/5/17 Sandusky Register 5 easy tips to see Cedar Point in the offseason

12/22/16 Sandusky Register A winter workload: Cedar Point remains busy during off-season

12/15/16 Sandusky Register Gulp: Major changes possible for Cedar Point’s drink refill program

10/12/16 Places You’ll See 43 Amazing Pictures from Cedar Point Amusement Park

9/14/16 Sandusky Register Eco-friendly parking lot checking in at Hotel Breakers

7/20/16 Chew the World Top 68 Food Blogs You Need To Follow Right Now

6/25/16 Canada’s Wonderland Review Brew & BBQ

6/22/16 Coaster Addict 10 Signs That You’re a Coaster Addict

6/21/16 Kings Island Beat the heat, try the treats

6/10/16 Canadian Beer News Canada’s Wonderland Offering Signature Craft Beers, Hosting Brew & BBQ Festival

5/29/16 Kings Island 5 under $5: Kings Island park snacks

5/19/16 Kings Island Coasterstock packed with exclusive ride time, tours, fun and food

5/17/16 The Odyssey Online 10 Ohio Ice Cream Shops to Visit This Summer

5/13/16 Carowinds 2016 New Carowinds Signature Menu Items

5/7/16 Kings Island Get the dish on the Banshee Brew Festival dining

5/3/16 Sandusky Register Cedar Point’s Frontiertown wrangles new food options (Front Page)

4/23/16 Kings Island Take home Kings Island blue ice cream in a bag

3/21/16 Kings Dominion What Makes Kings Dominion Special in the Springtime?

3/21/16 Kings Island A peek inside the 2016 season at Kings Island

3/11/16 Coaster Addict 6 Things Cedar Point Insiders Miss Most Between Visits

1/25/16 Kings Island 8 reasons Kings Island’s Coasterstock is the must attend event of the spring

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