Cedar Point Dippin’ Dots Stands

Dippin’ Dots are made by flash freezing the ice cream particles in liquid nitrogen, and were first developed back in 1987. Today, the frozen treat has a cult following, and many can not get enough of the delightful little ice cream beads. Cedar Point Dippin’ Dots are widely available around the park.

New for 2016, Cedar Point will introduce a themed Valravn Dippin’ Dots stand featuring a signature blueberry cookies ‘n cream flavor.

140508 Cedar Point Dippin' Dots

Service: Counter Service

Location: Various carts throughout the park. At this time, we are currently aware of 4 Dippin’ Dots carts in the park: Gemini Midway, adjacent to the Cork Screw, by the Raptor, and next to the Ferris wheel

Type of Food: Frozen ice cream treats

Cedar Point All-Day Dining Plan: No

Menu: Dippin’ Dots come in three (3) sizes, Regular ($4.79), Large ($5.99), and LOL ($7.99). Flavors include Cookies ‘n Cream, Rockin’ Cherry Ice (with popping candy), Rainbow Ice, Mint Chocolate, Birthday Cake, Banana Split, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Guests can also create a Dippin’ Dots sundae at select locations, $6.99, in the following flavors:

Cookie Crumble- Cookies ‘n Cream Dippin’ Dots, Oreo crumble, Monin chocolate sauce, whipped cream
Yummy Gummy- Rainbow Ice Dippin’ Dots, mini gummy bears, whipped cream
Chocolate Crunch- Chocolate Dippin’ Dots, Butterfinger crumble, Monin chocolate sauce, whipped cream
Cookie Crunch- Cookie Dough Dippin’ Dots, Butterfinger crumble, Monin chocolate sauce, whipped cream

Important Info: Dippin’ Dots are produced in a facility that contains milk, egg, tree nuts, wheat, soy, and peanut products. In addition, they may contain gluten in certain add-in products.

Famous Dishes: Banana split flavored ice cream.

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Have you dined at the Cedar Point Dippin’ Dots? If so, how was your experience? Great service? Good food? Tell us below in the comments!

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