Coasters Drive-In Restaurant

Coasters Drive-in Restaurant

Opened May 9, 1999 on the site of the former Paddlewheel Cafe.

Service: Counter Service

Location: The Cedar Point Coasters Drive-In Restaurant is located at the end of the midway.

Type of Food cheeseburgers, hamburgers, fries, onion rings, malts, shakes, root beer floats & soft drinks

Cedar Point Dining Plans: Yes


All combo meal Coca-Cola fountain drink for $3.99 more.

Coaster’s Cheeseburger (810-1160 calories)- $11.29

Coaster’s Classic Cheeseburger (860-1210 calories)- $11.59

Grilled Chicken Sandwich (540-880 calories)- $10.99

Chicken Tenders- Fried strips of chicken, served with your choice of sauce (ranch, honey mustard, sweet & sour, or BBQ)(650-1000 calories)- $11.29

Grilled Chicken Caesar (680 calories)- $8.49

Shakes & Malts (1130-1180 calories)- Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry $5.99

Cheese Fries (490 calories)- $5.99

French Fries Basket (400 calories)- $4.99

Fountain Beverages (20 oz) $4.49; (30 oz) $4.89

Dasani Bottled Water $3.99/4 for $12

Gold Peak Tea- $4.99

Powerade $4.39

Juice- $3.29

Important Info: Indoor seating is very limited, so plan on eating during off-times if you need to have inside dining. This location uses peanuts and/or peanut products.

Famous Dishes: Great malts

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Have you dined at the Cedar Point Coasters Drive-In Restaurant? If so, how was your experience? Great service? Good food? Tell us below in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Coasters Drive-In Restaurant

  1. Mike

    I visited the park with my niece Aug/20/2015 and we ate here at Coasters.. good food! But who was the waitress with the red ribbon in her hair,,she was great and made our lunch experience just perfect!

  2. chrissy

    Horrible.. Horrible Service.. After ordering everything went down hill.. There was about 12 employees on the clock.. None of them were actually working.. most of them were on their cell phones, or wondering around talking to each other, giving free food to people they knew.. and the people that actually ordered had to wait too long.. seemed like they didn’t wanted to work..

  3. Audrey Biggs

    The food here is way WAY too expensive. $30 for a burger, chicken tenders, fries, and drinks. The burger was extremedy dry and only came with cheese on it when the picture shows lettuce and tomatoes. We could have gotten better food at mcdonalds for half the price. There are no lids for the cups and no condiment cups. The staff was just standing around and we had way too long of a wait for people to be just standing. None of the staff talked to us or gave us directions on where to stand to get food or greeted us or said have a nice day or anything. This would be okay for a low price restaurant but for the price we are paying we should have outstanding food and good service.

    1. Justin Post author

      Thanks for the feedback. Did you see the condiment bar? That’s where you get the toppings like lettuce, tomato, etc.

      1. Audrey Biggs

        Saw it after eating, there is no sign or label and none of the staff pointed it out, even when we asked about toppings. They all acted like they didn’t even want to talk to customers.


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