Partnership and Sponsorship Rules

Are you interested in partnering with us to cover an event or Cedar Fair park to help extend our reach? Congratulations on taking the first step towards a successful partnership. Regardless of whether you are a super fan with a passion for the parks or working on extending your reach of your own blog(s), we look forward to a symbiotic relationship that we can both benefit from in the future.

There are only so many parks we can cover due to schedules, time constraints, travel, etc. Therefore, we are often looking to partner with other guests who would be interested in covering an event for us.

We are often invited to media events at the various Cedar Fair parks, and while we try personally to be at as many as possible, it is not always feasible. That is where you come in.

What is a partnership with the CPFoodBlog (CPFB)?

We are looking for long term partners to cover Cedar Fair park news outside of our normal reach. If you have a season pass to your local Cedar Fair park and a love for the park(s), then you are the perfect candidate!

As a partner, your help is imperative to growing the presence of the park in the CPFB community. Having a season pass is critical to both of our success, as it gives you the opportunity to visit the parks often enough to capture information on limited time food events or menu items, etc.

What we need is photos. Lots of pictures! We can do everything else from there. This includes photos of all the food booths/stands, menus, prices, and the food itself. See rules below for additional guidance on photos.

Our goal is to provide a complete picture of the food scene at the parks.

As we grow the CPFB community with your respective home park, you will be the first asked to attend on our behalf to special events and media access. You are then entitled to all the benefits of being a CPFB partner that may include such things as exclusive ride times, free merchandise, food and beverages, and more.

Please scroll below for additional rules that pertain to partnership with the CPFB.

What is a sponsorship with the CPFB?

A CPFB sponsorship is for those without a season pass to the parks.

If chosen as a sponsor, you will be granted the same benefits as when we visit the parks. This may include free parking, admission, food, exclusive ride time, merchandise, etc.

With these privileges comes some rules based on past experience. It is imperative that you abide by these rules if you want to be asked to sponsor an event with us in the future.

Partnership and Sponsorship Rules

1) First and foremost, you are being asked to attend the event on behalf of the and its affiliated brands. In addition, you are a guest of the park and will be held to a high standard of behavior and representation. You are expected to be on your BEST behavior, treating all guests and workers with respect. No swearing, excessive drinking, etc.

2) You are expected to follow all PARK rules and laws. This includes staying within designated areas, not taking photos or video on rides, no line cutting, etc.

3) As a representative of the, you are there to cover primarily the food, but are also encouraged to submit general photos of the park, event, rides, etc. This is your primary duty as our representative. This means showing up to the event as close to opening as possible, taking photos, and submitting them to us for review and publication.

We know you are excited to get into the park to ride a roller coaster, etc. There will be plenty of time for that once the “work” is complete. Therefore, if you are at the event and we find we need an additional photo or video, you will need to procure that information for us before going about on your own free time.

You are working as our eyes and ears on the ground.

4) Often times we partner with other local websites to work with as a sponsor for the event. If you have your own website/social media pages, groups, etc., this rule is for you. All photos taken during your visit are for the exclusive use of the and its affiliated brands. You are at the event as a representative of the CPFoodBlog, not your own site(s). All photos will remain copyright to the original author, but we maintain exclusive access to use them on our website and social media channels.

Even if the photos are not the best, we ask that ALL photos/videos/etc., be sent to us for review. We never know when we will need to pull an older media archive for future use.

If we see photos/video, etc. of the event on your own site(s), unless prior permission is granted, when you are there working for the CPFoodBlog, you will not be asked to return. We always do our best to copyright and credit (with links when appropriate) back to the source of the document.

You are encouraged to share our posts to your site(s).

5) You are not to ask for anything additional, such as discounts or benefits, that the park does not provide as part of the event. This includes free beverages, food, merchandise, etc.

6) Should you bring guests along with you for the event, you are responsible for their actions. Again you are there as a representative of the CPFoodBlog, and are expected to display exemplary behavior throughout your visit.

7) Amusement park food is at the center of the CPFoodBlog culture. Therefore, we are looking for your best work when photographing what there is to eat. This includes good lighting. Minimizing people in the photos and specifically faces unless asked to do so. We also like to see exciting backdrops to the photos. Therefore, feel free to hold up your food with a roller coaster or landscaping in the background.

Often times the parks give us enough “free” food to cover the event, but it may not include ALL of the food. For example, you may get enough tokens to try half of the available dishes throughout the event. This means you are encouraged to go around to the event and try and take pictures of the rest of the food that other guests are going to try. Politely approach them and ask if they mind if you take a photo of the food for the CPFoodBlog, a website covering the food for the parks. Try and get the photos before they eat it. If they have tried it, feel free to get their input on what they think.

The idea is to be able to depict all of the food/beverage from the event to our audience, so it is imperative to at least try and get photos of everything.

You may also want to purchase additional food/beverage at your own cost.

If the event includes beer/wine, we kindly request that the free tokens/tickets, etc. be used to purchase food, and if there are extra, you can sample the beverages. The exception to this rule is it is often a good photo op to have a glass of beer/wine in the shot with the food. Remember to drink responsibly, as again you are working for the CPFoodBlog!

Included in the list of required photos to be submitted are event signage, decorations, menus boards, the media access lanyard, etc.

We go by the motto, the more pictures, the better. We never know when we are going to have to go back and pull a photo to use in the future, so the more we have at our disposal, the better.

8) Should something go unexpected on your visit, you are to contact us immediately for remedy. Do not go to a park official, PR spokesperson, etc. We will direct you on the necessary steps.

9) Be timely. Please get to the parks/events as close to opening as possible. We are working with the park to promote the event, and the sooner we can do that, the faster their guests can get feedback and come out to experience it themselves. This also means being responsive to our requests. Sometimes we need additional verification, a different photo angle, etc. to help tell the story of the event. We will coordinate on the best means of communication whether it be text messages, Facebook Messenger, etc.

10) Travel to and from the parks is on your own. We do not get paid to travel to events, so please do not request to be paid for your travel. Your compensation comes in the form of free tickets, food, merchandise, etc. that are provided by the parks as part of our sponsorship. Plus, if you manage your own site, it provides additional exposure to your brand as we do our best to credit the source of all documents provided.

11) Have FUN! You are at an amusement park and regardless of the weather or anything that happens, it is better than a day at work. Enjoy yourself.

12) All events subject to change based on the parks decisions.

Have questions or interested in covering an event for us? Let us know via our Contact page.

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