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Win 2017 Haunt Tickets for Cedar Point, Kings Island & More

2017 Coke Cedar Fair Haunt Promotion

Once upon a time, drinking Coca-Cola products, savings the codes from packages, and redeeming them on was a valuable proposition. If guests played their codes right, they could redeem for free Cedar Fair tickets during the summer months, and for a while they offered from December promotions for discounted gift cards and prizes. The good ole days!

When the My Coke Rewards program ended earlier in 2017, the programs was replaced by something we were told would be much better, but we all knew better, that there was no better!

Now the “rewards” program resides over on, and codes no longer qualify as points, but simply entries into the various promotions they offer. So far since rolling out, the program has offered little value across the board.

With a little shining glimmer of hope, the Coke Rewards program rolled out their fall Haunt promotion with Cedar Fair, offering pairs of tickets to a handful of parks for a few (200 pairs awarded) winners.

Visit the Coke Cedar Fair landing page and sign into your account. If your account qualifies for the promotion and you enter codes before September 18, 2017, you are entered to win a pair of tickets.

Couple items to note.

Maximum of 12 codes can be entered per account.

You must live within 125 miles of a Cedar Fair park. Participating parks are Cedar Point, Kings Island, Valleyfair, Dorney Park, Kings Dominion or Worlds of Fun.

E-Ticket valid any park operating day between 10/15/17 and 10/29/17.

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2017 Worlds of Fun Dollar Days

150522 Worlds of Fun Morocan Merchant

Over Labor Day weekend, September 2-4, 2017, Worlds of Fun will hold their annual Dollar Days event with some great deals on games, food and more!

Dollar Days is scheduled from 11:00 am until 6:00 pm daily, or until supplies are gone.

Explore Dinosaurs Alive! for just $1!

Enjoy $1 Food items:

$1 Hot Dog at G’rilla Grill
$1 Hot Dog at Oceans of Fun Food Truck
$1 Donuts at G’rilla Grill
$1 Donuts at Grandma’s Funnel Cakes
$1 French Fries at G’rilla Grill
$1 Barbacoa Taco at Oceans of Fun Food Truck

Play $1 Games:

Dead Ringer at Detonator Games
Rebound at Detonator Games
Mamba Ball at Africa Games
Plinko in the Orient
Cat Whack at Games Street USA

Discounts on Merchandise at Moroccan Merchant

$5 Plush & Apparel
Everything else $1

2015 Worlds of Fun Dollar Days
2014 Worlds of Fun Dollar Days
2014 Worlds of Fun Dollar Days Extension

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Top 10 Ways to Cool Down at Worlds of Fun

Top 10 Ways to Cool Down at Worlds of Fun

Are you looking for the perfect summer getaway but worried about the heat? Look no further than Kansas City’s own Worlds of Fun! If the weather calls for a heat advisory on your next visit to the park, put to good use some of these great tips to make sure you have a safe and FUN day.

10) Get Under Shade

150523 Worlds of Fun Japanese Garden

One of our favorite parts about visiting Worlds of Fun is how shaded the entire property is, which helps keep temperatures cooler. While the high humidity may be unavoidable, by making sure you walk the paths below the trees, you will inherently help curb some of the heat.

Or check out one of our favorite shaded spots in the parks, Dinosaurs Alive.

9) Step Into the Air Conditioning

Want a free cool-me-down? If the heat is getting to you and you need a break, take advantage of this great freebie at Worlds of Fun. Just step inside at any of the restaurants, shops, or shows and take advantage of the cooler air.

On a busy day you might need to be patient, but grab a cozy chair at Caribou Coffee and enjoy the air conditioning while people watching.

8) Wind in your Hair

150522 Worlds of Fun Railroad

If you are visiting Worlds of Fun, our best guess is you are there to take in a thrill ride (or ten). So get on board a roller coaster Like the Patriot or Mamba, or even SteelHawk and soar in the sky while enjoying the cooler breeze against your face.

Our personal favorite is the classic Worlds of Fun Railroad, which takes guests on a journey around the park in an open-air, but shaded train car.

7) Go Cold

150523 Worlds of Fun Kona Ice

Stop at one of the various ICEE stands throughout Worlds of Fun to enjoy a flavored frozen drink, sure to drop your temperature by a couple of degrees.

Or find the Kona Ice cart in Planet Snoopy and make your own snow cone.

6) Oceans of Fun

150523 Oceans of Fun Wave Pool

Nothing is better than spending the day at the pool, and Oceans of Fun offers tons of great opportunities to get wet.

While in Oceans of Fun, be sure to check out the Worlds of Fun Food Truck, which offers some AMAZING chef created street style tacos.

5) Get Dipped

The Double Dip Ice Cream and Gelato stand in the Americana section of Worlds of Fun offers a variety of frozen treats to soothe your soul.

4) Go Big or Go Home

Consider getting one of the parks signature funnel cakes topped with soft serve ice cream. Big enough to share or indulge on a park bench all by oneself.

3) Lotion Up

Nothing will ruin your day faster than a sunburn. Be sure to apply plenty of sun protection throughout your day which protects your skin.

2) Two Words

160508 Cedar Point Rainbow Dippin Dots

Dippin’ Dots

1) Stay Hydrated

Always one of the most important tips to surviving a day at Worlds of Fun is to ensure you drink plenty of liquids. In addition to requesting a free cup of water from any of the food and beverage stands, if you purchased a refillable mug, be sure to skip the soda several times a day and fill up with cold ice water. This will help keep you hydrated, as well as quench any immediate need to eat.

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