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Knott’s Berry Farm Debuts Interactive VR Showdown in Ghost Town

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Back on March 8, 2017, Knott’s Berry Farm and VRstudios announced the first permanent installation of a free-roaming, multi-player VR experience in a U.S. theme park. The experience is located inside the Knott’s Berry Farm Boardwalk Arcade. A new custom and industry first virtual reality (VR) experience, “VR Showdown in Ghost Town” made its debut on April 1 for the opening of the Boysenberry Festival.

The immersive and interactive VR attraction invites guests to embark on a time travel adventure, which transports them to a futuristic version of Knott’s western town of Calico. Players are met by robotic creations and embark on a daring mission with other groups of players to defend the town.

The one-of-a-kind immersive experience perfectly combines virtual reality and a competitive gaming realm that captivates guests. Armed with state-of-the-art wireless virtual reality headsets and futuristic blasters, multiple players compete against one another for the highest score and bragging rights, as part of this immersive adventure, while striving toward shared team goals. At the end of the VR competition, guests are able to view and compare scores with their fellow opponents.

“We are always looking for new and exciting ways to entertain our guests,” said Christian Dieckmann, Cedar Fair’s Vice President of Strategic Growth. “By using a free-roaming system, we can take full advantage of the capabilities of VR and let our guests be the stars of the show. A majority of people have not yet experienced VR, and we anticipate there will be a lot of interest from guests to have their first taste at our park.”

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Review: Knotts VR Showdown in Ghost Town

We took part in the Knotts VR Showdown in Ghost Town and thought it was a really great and FUN experience! The technology worked really well for a great immersive experience. The staff were very well trained and really helpful. The VR itself was like being in a first person shooter type video game.

The experience is rather fast paced with the robot cowboys confronting you almost immediately. We would have really liked to explore Ghost Town more and see if there were any cool hidden gems, but we also understand the game experience needs to move guests along so as not to create too long of a backup.

170401 Knotts Berry Farm VR Showdown In Ghost Town 1 ©Jeff Lee

We think the VR Showdown in Ghost Town is a great new experience for Knott’s Berry Farm and look forward to trying it again on subsequent visits. We could also see this experience easily being copied at some of the other Cedar Fair parks, like on the Cedar Point Frontier Trail or in Kings Island’s Rivertown district.

VR Showdown is currently an introductory $6.00 fee per person.

170401 Knotts Berry Farm VR Showdown In Ghost Town 2 ©Jeff Lee

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Review: Knott’s Berry Farm Boysenberry Pizza

170314 Knott's Berry Farm Boysenberry Pizza 1

In the beginning the Knott’s family created the fried chicken and boysenberries. The park was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of Ghost Town. Today the boysenberry reigns supreme and is highlighted by the #BoysenberryFestival, running April 1-23, 2017 at Knott’s Berry Farm.

As the event has grown in popularity, so has the extraordinary menu, with Knott’s chefs working on creating new concoctions each year. One of the new 2017 menu items is Boysenberry Pizza, and we were fortunate enough to sample this new item during a preview event.

The boysenberry pizza features a boysenberry cream sauce, chopped black forest ham, goat cheese, slivered almonds, caramelized onions and arugula, with a Boysenberry/Sriracha drizzled on top.

The boysenberry pizza provides a nice array of flavors from the creaminess of the goat cheese, to the crispy ham, to the little bit of heat from the sauce.

170314 Knott's Berry Farm Boysenberry Pizza 2

So what did others think of the boysenberry pizza?

Admission to the boysenberry festival is included with admission. However, there is an additional charge for all food and beverage.

Guests can save by purchasing a Tasting Card for $25. The tasting card includes generous portions of six items:
– Boysenberry Pizza at Wagon Wheel Pizza
– Boysenberry Ravioli at Spurs Chophouse
– Boysenberry Buffalo Wings at the Gold Trails Hotel
– Boysenberry BBQ Meatballs at the Bank of Calico
– Boysenberry Fry Bread at the Gourmet Churro Factory
– Boysenberry Pana Cotta at the Ghost Town Bakery

The Boysenberry Festvival Tasting Card can be purchased at Sutters Grill, Pemmican Pickle, the Calico Saloon, the Churro Factory, the Berry Stand at the entrance of Ghost Town, the Ghost Town Bakery and at the Gold Trails Hotel.

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Review: Mrs. Knott’s Chicken-to-Go

160417 Knott's Berry Farm Chicken-to-Go (1)

On our family’s frequent visits to Knott’s Berry Farm, we try and fit in as much as we can see, do and eat within a short period of time. That involves typically eating a lot of different food items. Yet we do not always have time to sit down for a full meal at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Restaurant. That is why we are always happy to visit Mrs. Knot’s Chicken-to-Go storefront located outside the gates of the park.

After a long day of running around the parks, and returning to our Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel for the evening, it is often ideal to walk over to the Knott’s Marketplace and grab some quick dinner or a snack from Chicken-to-Go.

The Chicken-to-Go storefront offers a lot of the same menu items you can get inside the restaurant. Get your favorite biscuits with boysenberry butter, chicken noodle soup, and of course the famous fried chicken! Plus you can get boysenberry punch to go in the Knott’s Marketplace. Score!

160417 Knott's Berry Farm Chicken-to-Go (2)

The Mrs. Knott’s fried chicken really is amazing, and something you will be yearning to have again when you spend time away from the park. Thus why eating the chicken in some form is always a requirement on our trips to Knott’s Berry Farm.

Reference: Mrs. Knott’s Chicken-To-Go Menu

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