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7 Reasons to Love Cedar Fair Parks in the Fall

150812 Cedar Point Midway Horse-Drawn Hearse (7 Reasons to Love Cedar Fair Parks in the Fall)

Were you fortunate to make it to a Cedar Fair at least once (or 10) this summer? Traveling to Cedar Point, Kings Island, Carowinds, Dorney Park or any of the other Cedar Fair parks is a blast throughout the year, especially when you can enjoy long days in the park and late nights under the lights of the midway. However, once the temperatures start to drop, there are lots of reasons to love Cedar Fair parks in the fall.

1) Decorations

Starting around August each year, guests visiting the parks can get into the fall spirit by seeing some of the decorations start to take shape around the park. Maybe you will see a Haunt vehicle here or a hearse there. Slowly as you get closer to fall, you will begin to see the park transformed into an entirely new experience, especially after dark.

Fall also means new kids and family activities throughout the day. Then once the sun goes down, the fog starts to roll in and the entire atmosphere becomes captivating.

2) Park Improvements

There is nothing that gets park enthusiasts blood running faster than with the announcement of improvements for the next season. Typically sometime in August or September, the parks have their official release of the next years improvements, whether they be a new roller coaster, rides, or dining enhancements. Shortly thereafter, guests going into fall can watch the early progress of construction, building excitement to carry them into spring and the park reopening.

3) Character Spirit

141022 Cedar Point Trick-or-Treat Halloween Snoopy

Everyone gets into the fall spirit at the parks, and that includes Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the rest of the Peanuts gang. Bring the family out during the day and see your favorite characters dressed up just for Halloween.

Or if you visit Cedar Point during the day, you may get lucky and see Tony Clark, the Communications Director driving around the midway parade in a boiling pot of witches brew. Everyone gets in on the action.

4) Unique Menu Offerings

150918 Cedar Point Kettle Corn

While the leaves are changing, so does the food that nurtures the soul, preparing our bodies for winter. That is why we love the food scene at the parks for fall. Find warm cider, pumpkin treats, food stands that are only brought out for Haunt, unique food events, and freshly prepared kettle corn.

2017 Canada’s Wonderland Haunt Food
2017 Valleyfair Blood Suckers Buffet & Brew Bar
2017 Dorney Park Fright Feast
Review: Cedar Point Halloweekends Specialty Baked Potatoes
2017 California’s Great America Haunt Boofet
2017 Cedar Point Boeckling’s Banquet
2017 Cedar Point Night of the Living Fed

5) Dwindling Crowds

Halloweekends/Haunt are historically the busiest time of the year to visit the park, but there are some ways to minimize the crowds. As you get closer to Halloween, and especially on Saturdays, the parks can be very crowded. However, depending on the weather forecast, Friday nights and Sundays can be great nights to take in the park with lower crowds.

6) Merchandise Deals

Looking to snag our favorite merchandise for that special someone? As the parks get closer to closing day, they risk being stuck with a bunch of inventory. This means you should be able to find some great discounts of select items.

7) Best Deal of the Year on Season Passes

Cedar Fair Platinum Pass

If you are like our family, we like to save money, and the best time to do that with Cedar Fair season passes is in the fall. When season passes first go on sale is the best time to buy due to the lowest prices and additional added incentives.

For example, new guests that purchase a season pass this season get into the parks one time this season. Renewing members get a free Fast Lane Plus pass, getting them front of the line access one time this season.

When purchasing your season pass, it is also in your best interest to add the all-season dining plan and all-season drink cup/season pass drink program now, as the prices will only go up the longer you wait.

What gets you in the fall spirit?

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Review: Kings Island Larosa’s Gluten Free Pizza

160520 Kings Island Larosa's Gluten Free Pizza

Gluten Free Pizza (& on the dining plans)

The demand for gluten free menu options has grown over the years as more and more people learn they have celiac disease, an immune disorder against a protein found in wheat, rye and barley. Fortunately, Kings Island amusement park offers a collection of menu items specifically for those guests.

For starters, visit the Larosa’s Pizza stand inside Festhaus and ask about the specialty Larosa’s gluten free pizza. While it is not listed on the menu, you can specially order a gluten free cheese pizza. It will take a couple extra minutes for them to prepare and cook the pizza, but it is well worth it.

You will also be happy to know the gluten free pizza is on the Kings Island dining plans!

The Kings Island Larosa’s gluten free pizza is served hot and fresh and comes as a 12″ pie since it is specially ordered.

170519 Kings Island Larosa's Gluten Free Pizza

We reached out to friends of ours who order the gluten free pizza regularly using the Kings Island Dining Plans.

“We have ordered the gluten free pizza from Larosa’s numerous times of the past two or three summers. The baking time is about 10 minutes and is not that big of a deal typically because we know it is being cooked in a separate oven which rules out contamination.

The Larosa’s gluten free crust is good and the signature sauce can not be beat.

My husband and I typically order a salad to share with the pizza, which is more than enough food for a meal.

Our only suggestion would be a way to order the gluten free pizza ahead of time since it takes extra time to prepare.

We have eaten many different gluten free pizzas and the Kings Island Larosa’s version is our favorite.” -Kim G.

Have you ordered the Kings Island gluten free pizza? If so, let us know your thoughts below in the comments.

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2017 Kings Island Winterfest Attractions

170811 Kings Island Winterfest Entertainment

Are you ready for the world premier of biggest Christmas holiday event in the State of Ohio? Kings Island will debut Winterfest, a holiday celebration on select nights November 24 through December 30, 2017.

We are really excited for this event, as it allows guests to extend their Kings Island experience, making a season pass all the more valuable!

Kings Island will fully transform the park with Christmas decor, new shows, featured new menu items, and a selection of your favorite rides.

The biggest question we get asked is what rides and attractions will be open during Winterfest? So lets take a look at the schedule rides.

Kings Island Winterfest Rides

(Note: rides subject to minimum weather conditions to operate.)

Boo Blasters on Boo Hill
Character Carousel
Charlie Brown’s Wind Up
Grand Carousel
Joe Cool’s Dodgem School
K.I. & Miami Valley Railroad
Linus’ Launcher
Mystic Timbers
Peanuts 500
Sally’s Sea Plane
Snoopy vs Red Baron
Snoopy’s Space Buggies
The Great Pumpkin Coaster
Woodstock Gliders

Kings Island Winterfest Live Entertainment

Winterfest would not be complete with a whole new lineup of live entertainment options.

170811 Kings Island Winterfest Tree Sign

A Peanuts Guide to Christmas (Planet Snoopy)
Bah Humbug or “What’s the Dickens!” (Festhaus Plaza)
Blitzen’s Brass Band (Roaming on the Midway)
Charlie Brown’s Christmas Spectacular (Kings Island Theater)
Cool Yule Christmas (International Street Stage)
Eiffel Tower Tree Lighting Ceremony (International Street)
Four Drummers Drumming (International Street by the Sweet Spot)
Holiday Sing-Along
Holly Holiday’s String-a-Long (Roaming on the Midway)
Holly Jolly Trolley (Roaming on the Midway)
Jingle Jazz (Rivertown Stage)
The Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever (Planet Snoopy)
The Mistletones (Rivertown Stage)
Tinker’s Toy Factory (Festhaus)
Twas the Plight Before Christmas (Skyline Patio Coney Mall)

Kings Island Winterfest Food

Not only are we really elated to experience Winterfest at Kings Island, but we think everyone will be really excited to see the specialty menu items available throughout the park!

Refer to our Kings Island Winterfest Food Guide for details on food locations, dining plan acceptance, menus, prices, photos, and reviews.

Kings Island Winterfest Activities

In addition to shows, rides and food, the Kings Island Winterfest event will feature a variety of seasonal activities as follows.

170811 Kings Island Winterfest Presents

Artisan Village
Boys and Girls Club Hospitality House
Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree Lot
Coke Polar Bear Party (Outer Hank’s Plaza)
Holidays for Heros
Ice Carvers
Let it Snow
Midway Merriment (Roaming midway characters include: Santa Claus; Mrs. Claus; Scrooge; Candy Cane; Sugar Plum Fairy; Jack Frost; Ice Princess and Prince; Holly, Jolly, Lolly, and Jingle Bell; Gingerbread Man; Toy Soldier; Christmas Carole)
Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen
North Pole Post Office
Reindeer Roundup
Sally’s Christmas Crafts
Snow Works
Snowflake Lake Ice Skating (Additional $15 fee)
Sounds of the Nativity (Planet Snoopy Theater)
St. Nick’s Pics (Diamondback Trading Post)
Winterfest Snow Globe

Winterfest tickets are currently available on the Kings Island website. Tickets start as low as $25 when purchased online. Season passholders can also bring-a-friend on Sundays throughout Winterfest (November 26, December 3, 10, and 17) for $19.99 each.

170811 Kings Island Winterfest Railroad Decorations

2017 Kings Island Winterfest Attractions
2017 Carowinds Winterfest Attractions
2017 California’s Great America Winterfest Attractions

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