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Discount Kings Dominion Tickets on Groupon

August 2017 Groupon Kings Dominion Discount Tickets

There is currently a fantastic deal on tickets available on Groupon which is perfect for guests who do not have a season pass, or for those looking to bring a friend.

Tickets are currently $33.50 through this special Groupon offer. One-day admission tickets purchased through this promotion are valid through August 28, 2017. The good news is you can also purchase up to 10 tickets per account should you have a large group.

To help with your planning, check out the Kings Dominion Food Guide, offering you details on meal plans, souvenir cups, and every menu option available in the park including photos, prices, and reviews of our favorite meal options.

Ready to buy? Use the below link to get your discounted Kings Dominion tickets on Groupon.

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We do not expect this offer to last long, let alone the additional discount offered by the promo code.

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2017 Kings Dominion Brew & BBQ

160806 Kings Dominion Brew & BBQ Signage ©Bo Corbin

We are suckers for good barbecue! One of our favorite events that happens at several Cedar Fair parks throughout the year is Brew & BBQ. The parks bring in area breweries to showcase their beers and offer a variety of specialty menu items from around the region. The 2017 Kings Dominion Brew & BBQ takes place on Saturdays and Sundays August 5-20.

Admission to Brew & BBQ is included with your ticket to the park. However, as typical, food and beverage are an additional cost.

This years Brew & BBQ will be handled with a token system. Food tastings will cost 2-4 tokens and wine and beer samples are 4 tokens each.

Tokens can be purchased online or at the event in the following denominations.

3 Tokens- $3.80 (online); $4.00 at event
6 Tokens- $7.60 (online); $8.00 at event
9 Tokens- $11.40 (online); $12.00 at event
12 Tokens- $15.20 (online); $16.00 at event
15 Tokens- $19.00 (online); $20.00 at event

170513 Kings Dominion Taste of Virginia Tokens

Kings Dominion Brew & BBQ Menu

The Kings Dominion Brew & BBQ Fest menu will feature items from 6 different regions of the country, offering a wide variety of barbecue styles.


– Brisket Burnt Ends (4 tokens)
– Pulled Pork Tostones (with guacamole and pico de gallo)(3 tokens)
– Caramel Churros (3 tokens)


– Shish Kabob Beef (3 tokens)
– Chicken Lollipops (with tangy mustard BBQ)(4 tokens)
– Jim Beam Peach Cobbler (3 tokens)


– Dry Rub Ribs (4 tokens)
– Mini Memphis Style Hot Dog (with Sweet & Spicy BBQ)(3 tokens)
– Memphis Mac & Cheese (3 tokens)

North Carolina

– Pulled Pork Slider (with Sweet & Spicy BBQ) (3 tokens)
– Loaded Hush Puppies (2 tokens)
– Pulled Chicken Wontons (3 tokens)


– Tater Tots (with Pulled Duck & Creamy Smoked Gouda)(4 tokens)
– Moonshine Pulled Pork Egg Rolls (4 tokens)
– Smoked Wings (with choice of Apple Butter BBQ)(4 tokens)

St. Louis

– St. Louis Ribs (with Sweet & Sticky BBQ)(4 tokens)
– Polenta Topped with Corn Saute (3 tokens)
– Sweet Potato Tart (3 tokens)

Beer Menu


The Kings Dominion Brew & BBQ will also feature a variety of live entertainment throughout the event in Candy Apple Grove.

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Review: Kings Dominion Fried Oreo Cookies

150408 Kings Dominion Fried Oreo Cookies (2)

We are all friends here, so lets be honest with each other. There has been at least one time in your life where you found yourself sitting on the couch under a blanket watching your favorite television show, and you just so happen to look down and realize you consumed an entire package of Oreos! No? Well you did eat more than the suggested serving size, right…right? It is ok to admit defeat, as the Oreo cookie has captured the American spirit since being introduced in 1912.

Kings Dominion takes the Oreo, and does the unthinkable…the idea that was born out of the back of a Fair food stand is now available in the park…fried Oreo!

Take an Oreo and 5 of his friends, dip them in batter, and fry till golden brown. Then top with some powdered sugar and serve them warm to the guest.

Purchase a six pack of Fried Oreo Cookies from the World’s Greatest Funnel Cake stand along International Street, Inferno Funnel Cake, or Apple Ida’s Funnel Cakes.

The cookies are fantastic, capturing the classic Oreo flavors with a new element that makes them a great treat when visiting Kings Dominion. Just remember these cookies are better off shared.

150408 Kings Dominion Fried Oreo Cookies (1)

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