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7 Reasons to Love Cedar Fair Parks in the Fall

150812 Cedar Point Midway Horse-Drawn Hearse (7 Reasons to Love Cedar Fair Parks in the Fall)

Were you fortunate to make it to a Cedar Fair at least once (or 10) this summer? Traveling to Cedar Point, Kings Island, Carowinds, Dorney Park or any of the other Cedar Fair parks is a blast throughout the year, especially when you can enjoy long days in the park and late nights under the lights of the midway. However, once the temperatures start to drop, there are lots of reasons to love Cedar Fair parks in the fall.

1) Decorations

Starting around August each year, guests visiting the parks can get into the fall spirit by seeing some of the decorations start to take shape around the park. Maybe you will see a Haunt vehicle here or a hearse there. Slowly as you get closer to fall, you will begin to see the park transformed into an entirely new experience, especially after dark.

Fall also means new kids and family activities throughout the day. Then once the sun goes down, the fog starts to roll in and the entire atmosphere becomes captivating.

2) Park Improvements

There is nothing that gets park enthusiasts blood running faster than with the announcement of improvements for the next season. Typically sometime in August or September, the parks have their official release of the next years improvements, whether they be a new roller coaster, rides, or dining enhancements. Shortly thereafter, guests going into fall can watch the early progress of construction, building excitement to carry them into spring and the park reopening.

3) Character Spirit

141022 Cedar Point Trick-or-Treat Halloween Snoopy

Everyone gets into the fall spirit at the parks, and that includes Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the rest of the Peanuts gang. Bring the family out during the day and see your favorite characters dressed up just for Halloween.

Or if you visit Cedar Point during the day, you may get lucky and see Tony Clark, the Communications Director driving around the midway parade in a boiling pot of witches brew. Everyone gets in on the action.

4) Unique Menu Offerings

150918 Cedar Point Kettle Corn

While the leaves are changing, so does the food that nurtures the soul, preparing our bodies for winter. That is why we love the food scene at the parks for fall. Find warm cider, pumpkin treats, food stands that are only brought out for Haunt, unique food events, and freshly prepared kettle corn.

2017 Canada’s Wonderland Haunt Food
2017 Valleyfair Blood Suckers Buffet & Brew Bar
2017 Dorney Park Fright Feast
Review: Cedar Point Halloweekends Specialty Baked Potatoes
2017 California’s Great America Haunt Boofet
2017 Cedar Point Boeckling’s Banquet
2017 Cedar Point Night of the Living Fed

5) Dwindling Crowds

Halloweekends/Haunt are historically the busiest time of the year to visit the park, but there are some ways to minimize the crowds. As you get closer to Halloween, and especially on Saturdays, the parks can be very crowded. However, depending on the weather forecast, Friday nights and Sundays can be great nights to take in the park with lower crowds.

6) Merchandise Deals

Looking to snag our favorite merchandise for that special someone? As the parks get closer to closing day, they risk being stuck with a bunch of inventory. This means you should be able to find some great discounts of select items.

7) Best Deal of the Year on Season Passes

Cedar Fair Platinum Pass

If you are like our family, we like to save money, and the best time to do that with Cedar Fair season passes is in the fall. When season passes first go on sale is the best time to buy due to the lowest prices and additional added incentives.

For example, new guests that purchase a season pass this season get into the parks one time this season. Renewing members get a free Fast Lane Plus pass, getting them front of the line access one time this season.

When purchasing your season pass, it is also in your best interest to add the all-season dining plan and all-season drink cup/season pass drink program now, as the prices will only go up the longer you wait.

What gets you in the fall spirit?

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2017 Canada’s Wonderland Haunt Food

With the change in seasons, the temperatures and amusement park experience in the fall comes a whole new lineup of specialty Canada’s Wonderland Haunt food items.

Mountainside Bakery

– Spookiewich (Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich)- $6.99

– Gourmet Sandwiches (with chips)- See menu at link above

– Charcoal Flat Bread Pizza- $9.99

– Seasonal Cupcakes and Treats

Medieval Meats (located outside Marketplace Buffet)

– Turkey Leg- $14.99

– Lamb Shank- $11.99

– Bacon Wrapped Farmers Sausage- $9.99

– Bavarian Pretzel- $5.99

– Corn on the Cob- $3.99

Muskoka Craft Burger and Beer

Zombie Burger (Pretzel bun, beef & chorizo burger, lettuce, onion and mushroom blend, roasted tomato, jalapeno crisps, cheese sauce; served with chips)- $16.99 ($2.00 upgrade for dining plans)

Axe Murderer Burger (Black and White Sesame Bun, classic beef burger, orange cheddar, onion rings, tomato, lettuce, chipotle aioli; served with chips)- $16.99 ($2.00 upgrade for dining plans)

Scarecrows Revenge Grilled Corn on the Cob– $3.99

Medieval Faire Noodle Bar

Worm Soup with Eye Balls and Brains (Shredded Beef Meatballs, squid pasta, with beef broth)- $7.99

Spider Web Soup (Whisper vegetables, chow mien basket with vegetable broth)- $7.99

Witches Brew (Chicken wonton with chicken broth)- $7.99

Soba Noodles Soup- $7.99

Bistro Eighty-One Food Truck

Bloody Chicken Poutine (Tandoori Chicken, Cheese Curds, Fresh Cut Fries, Poutine Gravy, Red Pepper Strips)- $9.99

Slaughter House Sandwich (Smoked Pork Belly, Swiss Cheese, Sauteed Mushrooms and Onions, Bold BBQ Sauce, Potato Bun)- $11.99

Sinister Sandwich (Rustic French Bread, Mac n Cheese, Deli Turkey, Smoked Bacon, Cheddar Cheese)- $11.99

As a reminder, Canada’s Wonderland dining plans are only valid during the day and NOT at night during Haunt.

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2017 Canada’s Wonderland Oktoberfest

170916 Canada's Wonderland Oktoberfest ©Coaster Circuits

Canada’s Wonderland is bringing back their annual Oktoberfest event for the 2017 season with a great new menu lineup.

Oktoberfest will take place September 16-17 & 23-24, 2017 in the Medieval Faire section from noon to 8:00 pm.

The menu is as follows:

Beer & Cheddar Cheese Soup- $6.00

Beer & Cheddar Cheese Soup with Pretzel- $9.00

Bavarian Pretzel with Choice of House Made Mustard- $5.00

Bavarian Pretzel with Cheese Sauce- $7.00

German Potato Salad- $4.00

Rotkohlsalat Mit Räucherkäse (Red Cabbage Salad with Bavarian Smoked Cheese)- $4.00

Cheese Sauce- $4.00

170916 Canada's Wonderland Oktoberfest Pretzels ©Coaster Circuits

Entrees (Served on Pretzel Bun with German Potato Salad)

Oktoberfest Sausage- $13.00
Bratwurst Sausage- $13.00
Thuringian Sausage- $13.00
Turkey Knackwurst Sausage- $13.00
Chicken Schnitzel- $13.00

170916 Canada's Wonderland Oktoberfest Schnitzel Entree ©Coaster Circuits

170916 Canada's Wonderland Oktoberfest Schnitzel Entree Prep ©Coaster Circuits

Guests can also purchase a Passport for $28 which includes the following:

Choice of Oktoberfest Sausage, Bratwurst Sausage, Turkey Knackwurst Sausage, Chicken Schnitzel
1 Litre Oktoberfest Steam Whistle Pilsner Stein with Beer

You can also purchase the 1 Litre Oktoberfest Steam Whistle Pilsner Stein with Beer for $18.00 with $12 refills.

170916 Canada's Wonderland Oktoberfest Pilsner Glasses ©Coaster Circuits

170916 Canada's Wonderland Oktoberfest Steam Whistle ©Coaster Circuits

All photos a special thanks to ©Coaster Circuits

2016 Canada’s Wonderland Oktoberfest

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