Does Canada’s Wonderland Need to Adjust the Free Water Policy?

150510 Cedar Point Free Cup of Water

Are you a regular visitor to Canada’s Wonderland? If you visit any of the other Cedar Fair parks, you should be aware that when visiting quick service food locations, you can simply request a free cup of water, to which they will hand you a glass, albeit small.

When we first reported on the no free water policy in 2015, this was before the introduction of the season long souvenir bottles (or all-season drink pass), and even if you wanted a refill of water, you had to pay the $1.00 refill charge.

Fortunately, things have gotten better with the free water situation at Canada’s Wonderland.

While you can not go up to a food service stand and request a free cup of water, if you have the All-Season Souvenir Bottle or All-Season Drink Pass, you can now get free water at any of the fountain machines, including the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.

Note, if you purchase the souvenir bottle with free refills on day of purchase and $1 refills all season, you will still need to pay the buck, even if it is for water.

You also of course always have the option of buying bottled water or using the water fountains located around the park.

Canada’s Wonderland is the only park in the Cedar Fair chain that wants you to pay for water.

Is Canada’s Wonderland no free water fair?

Does the policy make business sense? Less people waiting in line for a free cup of water free up employees to handle paying customers. Not to mention, there is cost associated with the free cup and ice, and someone has to pay the water bill.

Does the policy cause more people to require medical attention from dehydration?

Should the rest of the Cedar Fair parks in the United States follow Canada’s Wonderland’s water policy?

We want to hear your thoughts on the Canada’s Wonderland water policy. Let us know your comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Does Canada’s Wonderland Need to Adjust the Free Water Policy?

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  2. Carrie

    Went to CW a few years ago and they looked at me like I had three heads when I asked for free water. Then they were able to fill a cup with water from a sink when I told them about Cedar Point. I’m wondering if the water isn’t filtered or healthy to drink there since they don’t have it on the machines. Do they offer water at their first aid station?


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