Canada’s Wonderland New All-Season, One Meal Plan

Canada's Wonderland 2016 Regular All Season Dining Plan

Could we be seeing a change in the Cedar Fair meal plans? Or rather, a bigger push to get guests into Platinum passes? Canada’s Wonderland, the only Cedar Fair park outside of the United States, is known for its share of strange policies. Take for example the Canada’s Wonderland water policy, where guests have to pay for water in the souvenir bottles they already purchased. At all of the other Cedar Fair parks they will refill your cup for free, or give you a small glass of water, for free!

So it came as a surprise this week to see a new dining plan get added to the Canada’s Wonderland lineup.

Guests can still purchase a single meal deal, all day dining plan, or all season meal plans? However, new for 2016 there are two versions of the all season dining plan, and it all depends on what type of season pass you purchase.

If you purchase a Platinum pass, you have nothing to worry about, because your all season dining plan will get you two meals per day, just like all of the other Cedar Fair parks. However, if you select a Regular season pass, which only gets you into Canada’s Wonderland with all season dining, you now will only get 1 meal per day! However, it should be noted that the Regular season pass dining plan only costs around $68 compared with the $99 Platinum meal plan.

The question is, would you rather pay $99 for the all season dining plan and get two meals per day like it was this year (2015), or pay a reduced amount for only one meal per day? The big deciding factor is also whether you see the value in the Platinum pass.

In our case, free parking alone makes it worth the cost of a Platinum pass. Then factor in the added benefit of getting into the other Cedar Fair parks, including parking, for free, and it is a no-brainer to get the Platinum pass. However, locals who may not visit Canada’s Wonderland as much may find value in the Regular all season pass and dining plan.

What are your thoughts?

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