2017 Cedar Point Food Truck Challenge

We have been saying it for quite some time…the move by amusement parks to add local food trucks to the midways is a smart business decision for both the customer and the parks.

At the beginning and end of the season, when part time employees return to school or home, it can be difficult to staff food locations.

So the parks have to make a decision whether to not open select food stands or pull in outside resources. That is why you will see an increased presence of volunteer groups staffing the park which naturally present its own set of challenges given the limited training and experience.

As the parks go down from daily operation to only weekends, they are in an ever increasing decision to evaluate how much food and supplies are on hand to minimize overhead and extra costs as they approach the end of the season.

So when you have a supply problem, what do you do? You outsource, and the best way to do that is with portable food trucks.

You push the supply and responsibility onto outside vendors who know how to handle supply and crowds in a small space. The food trucks can frankly handle staffing (with better training and experience) and supply of their own food products better than the parks.

The customer also wins as the addition of food trucks to the midways provide fresh meal options at a typically lower price point than food served by the parks.

So we like when the Cedar Point Food Truck Challenge returns to the park. While the Food Trucks do not participate in the Dining Plans, they provide a great opportunity to eat some incredible, freshly prepared food!

This year Cedar Point will be staging the food trucks as Ohio versus Michigan, the classic battle.

The Food Truck Challenge will take place on weekends (August 25-27 and September 1-4, 2017), though expect some of the trucks to stick around until the end of the season.

So who can you expect at the Cedar Point Food Truck Challenge?

Ohio Food Trucks

Firehouse Grilling Co.

170506 Cedar Point Firehouse Grilling Co Burger

Firehouse Grilling makes some really, really fantastic food! The sandwiches are fresh and quite possibly the best burger you will ever eat. They also make a bourbon bacon jam that you must try, simply AMAZING!

171001 Cedar Point Fire House Grilling Co. Chili

When Fire House offers the chili, you must try it! Absolutely fantastic on those cooler fall days, and we think it may be the best chili we have ever eaten!

Also highly recommended is the pineapple burger!

170901 Cedar Point Fire House Grilling Co. Pineapple Burger

Empanadas & More

161030 Cedar Point Empanadas Food Truck

We had the pleasure of meeting the owner and trying the empanadas last year and they were a terrific meal option! Super flavorful Puerto Rican pastry filled with a variety of options of meat, cheese, and veggies.

We also LOVE the plantain sandwiches!

Our kids loved the empanadas so much, they raided their own piggy banks saying they wanted to eat them again! These are a must try!

Creole 2 Geaux

170901 Cedar Point Creole 2 Geaux Food Truck Gumbo

When all the other food trucks tell us we must try Creole 2 Geaux, we comply! This little truck is packing a wallop of great, authentic cuisine from gumbo, shrimp po-boy to crawfish nachos and peach cobbler, and all of it is fantastic!

170923 Cedar Point Creole 2 Geaux Peach Cobbler

170917 Cedar Point Creole 2 Geaux Crawfish Nachos

170902 Cedar Point Creole 2 Geaux Shrimp Po-Boy

A to Z Meats

Hogback BBQ

161029 Cedar Point Hogback BBQ Food Truck

There is no denying the fantastic smokey smell that fills the air on the Cedar Point midway, and Hogback BBQ does a great job with their smoked meats. Try everything from smoked ribs to pulled brisket.

You might also want to try one of Hogback’s signature dishes called “The Pit” featuring loaded smoked meat mac & cheese!

170915 Cedar Point Hogback BBQ Pit Food Truck Mac Cheese

Cupzilla Korean BBQ

171001 Cedar Point Cupzilla Food Truck

Cupzilla packs an amazing amount of flavor inside their Korean BBQ bowls! Rice, glass noodles, and lettuce are the base, and are then topped with your favorite meat or tofu, sauce, and level of spiciness. Available as vegan or vegetarian also.


GessWho Tacos and Chicken & Waffles

SWAT Food Truck

Michigan Food Trucks

Chef in a Box

Chicken Coupe

Pita Cruiser


The Cedar Point 2017 food truck lineup provides a large variety of new menu options to try this year. Which will be your favorite?

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