2016 Cedar Fair Souvenir Cup Roundup

One of the major changes for the 2016 season at Cedar Fair parks across North America will be the introduction of an all-season drink cup. Guests will still have the option to purchase a standard drink cup with free refills on the day of purchase and $1 refills for the remainder of the season. In addition, a new all season drink cup can be purchased for a flat fee with refills for the entire 2016 season.

Standard 2016 souvenir cups are green in color and cost $10.99 when purchased in advance online. The all season 2016 souvenir cups are orange in color and cost $24.99.

As always, cups are only valid in the year they are purchased. So you must purchase a 2016 cup and 2015 or earlier cups will not work.

See the thread Everything You Need to Know About the Cedar Fair All Season Souvenir Bottle for additional details.

Lets take a look into all of the new 2016 souvenir cups that will be available at the various Cedar Fair parks around the country.

Cedar Point 2016 Souvenir Cup

All of the parks all season cups will get their color from Cedar Point’s new Valravn roller coaster, so it is fitting that the artwork will also be the signature ride’s logo.

Cedar Point 2016 Cup Artwork

California’s Great America 2016 Souvenir Cup

We expected the new Great America cups to feature the new Mass Effect; however, it looks like the cups will have the parks signature two story carousel in addition to the 40th Anniversary celebration.

California's Great America 2016 Cup Artwork

Canada’s Wonderland 2016 Souvenir Cup

Canada’s Wonderland updated their previously released cup artwork to now highlight their new 2016 addition, SkyHawk, the first of its kind ride. The park will also bring in the Flying Eagles ride for 2016.

2016 Canada's Wonderland Skyhawk Souvenir Cup Art

Carowinds 2016 Souvenir Cup

Carowinds 2016 souvenir cups will feature Carolina Harbor waterpark.

Carowinds 2016 Cup Artwork

Dorney Park 2016 Souvenir Cup

While Dorney Park will not be getting any new ride improvements in 2016, and instead will be getting an upgraded catering facility, the new cups will feature a general Dorney skyline.

Dorney Park 2016 Cup Artwork

Kings Dominion 2016 Souvenir Cup

Perhaps one of our favorite new cups for 2016 is Kings Dominion, featuring the artwork of the new ride, Delirium.

Kings Dominion 2016 Cup Artwork

Kings Island 2016 Souvenir Cup

Kings Island will be making all kinds of improvements around the park, including an expansion of their waterpark with Tropical Plunge, which will be featured on the 2016 cups.

Kings Island 2016 Cup Artwork

Knott’s Berry Farm 2016 Souvenir Cup

Knott’s Berry Farm will also be getting an extensive overhaul for 2016, including a revamped Ghost Town and Ghost Rider roller coaster.

Knott's Berry Farm 2016 Cup Artwork

Michigan’s Adventure 2016 Souvenir Cup

Once again with no notable improvements for 2016, the Michigan’s Adventure cups will feature the waterpark.

Michigan's Adventure 2016 Cup Artwork

Valleyfair 2016 Souvenir Cup

Valleyfair will be celebrating their 40th Anniversary in 2016, and the new improvements will include a Flying Eagle ride and improved entertainment venue.

Valleyfair 2016 Cup Artwork

Wildwater Kingdom 2016 Souvenir Cup

No announced improvements for 2016.

Wildwater Kingdom 2016 Souvenir Cup Artwork

Worlds of Fun 2016 Souvenir Cup

Worlds of Fun will get five new rides throughout Planet Snoopy in 2016; however, the cups appear to have a generic Worlds of Fun skyline.

Worlds of Fun 2016 Cup Artwork

Which cups will you be getting in 2016?

All photos ©Cedar Fair

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3 thoughts on “2016 Cedar Fair Souvenir Cup Roundup

  1. Sherell Kurtz

    How do I buy the 2016 Sourvenir Cup at Knotts Berry Farm Buena Park with the one for the whole year.No longer see it on the website.

    1. Justin Post author

      It took us a while too, but the all-season drink cup is still located on the website when you pull up the module to purchase your tickets, and then select the Meals tab.


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