Castaway Bay: 2017 Passholder Rate vs Groupon

2016-2017 Cedar Point Castaway Bay Passholder Promo

In 2015/2016, we ran a detailed analysis comparing the rate Cedar Point offered season passholder guests to stay at Castaway Bay vs the discounted block of rooms available on Groupon (Source: Is the Passholder Savings at Castaway Bay a Deal?). Depending on the day of your stay, the 2015/2016 promotion typically was best to reserve as a passholder due to the reduced taxes and fees as compared to those through Groupon. Though there were additional dates available for the Groupon offer and non-passholders could take advantage of the discounts. So we were curious how the 2016/2017 passholder rate compared to the current Groupon promotion.

The first thing we noticed right from the start is the season passholder price has been greatly reduced compared to 2015/2016. While prices started at $109 last year, now they start at only $89! Season passholder rates are valid for stays December 16, 2016 through January 13, 2017 (excluding December 31, 2016). Note the passholder rate is available beyond January 13, though it is not as cheap as during the promotion. In order to reserve online, use promo code PASS.

Groupon rates start at $98 and are valid for stays through May 25, 2017. You can view additional Castaway Bay Groupon details here.

So which offer is better throughout the combined dates of both programs? The below compares a standard Starfish room.

Passholder Rate vs Groupon

December 16
Passholder- $89
Groupon- $104.30
Rack rate- $149

December 17
Passholder- $149
Groupon- $159.20

December 18
Passholder- $89
Groupon- $97.30

December 19
Passholder- $89
Groupon- $97.30

December 20
Passholder- $89
Groupon- $97.30

December 21
Passholder- $
Groupon- $97.30

December 22
Passholder- $89
Groupon- $97.30

December 23
Passholder- $89
Groupon- $111.30

December 24
Passholder- $159
Groupon- $151.20

December 25
Passholder- $89
Groupon- $118.30

December 26
Passholder- $109
Groupon- $191.20

December 27
Passholder- $109
Groupon- $199.20

December 28
Passholder- $109
Groupon- $199.20

December 29
Passholder- $109
Groupon- $199.20

December 30
Passholder- $109
Groupon- $199.20

December 31
Not Available

January 1
Passholder- $89
Groupon- $139.30

Closed January 2 – January 5

January 6
Passholder- $89
Groupon- $118.30

January 7
Passholder- $139
Groupon- $151.20

Closed January 8 – January 11

January 12
Passholder- $89
Groupon- $111.30

January 13
Passholder- $89
Groupon- $111.30

Up through January 13, 2017, the passholder rates is significantly lower than that offered through Groupon.

Another thing to keep in mind, just like last year, the taxes and fees imposed through Groupon are significantly more than through Castaway Bay themselves. So as we look at dates beyond January 13, we need to keep that in mind.

For example,

January 14
Passholder- $169
Groupon- $167.20

However, the passholder rates works out to $186.74 after taxes where the Groupon rate is $200.22. So while it appears cheaper upfront, it actually is still significantly more.

Another example,

January 20
Passholder- $129 ($141.24 after taxes)
Groupon- $104.30 ($124.90)
Rack rate- $149 ($163.99)

This is one instance where the Groupon is cheaper than the passholder rate. There may be others beyond this date.

The real key to booking your stay is to look at the final costs after taxes, as there can be significant differences in charges.

One downside is that should you need to cancel, the passholder rates incurs a partial refund of your deposit minus a $50 cancellation fee if you cancel prior to 72 in advance of your stay. The Groupon rate includes a full refund if done prior to 4 day of your arrival.

Winter Chillout Rooms

Need a room for Winter Chillout? Here is what we found for rooms at Cedar Point’s Castaway Bay.

Friday (Feb 24)
Rack Rate- $189
Passholder- $139
Groupon- $132.30

Saturday (Feb 25)
Rack Rate- $219
Passholder- $179
Groupon- $175.20

In Summary

Discounted Castaway Bay nights are currently available for season passholders and for everyone else on Groupon (Link: Discounted Castaway Bay Nights (affiliate link)).

If you are a season passholder, the best rates appear to be reserved for you on most dates.

For everyone else, purchasing the Groupon appears to be the best deal on Castaway Bay nights.

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Reduced Castaway Bay Stays Thru May 2017

Castaway Bay Indoor Water Park

REDUCED CASTAWAY BAY STAYS- Have you ever experienced a water roller coaster? While Cedar Point offers a wide variety of attractions in the park, they also provide you with the opportunity to experience a variety of water slides and Rendezvous Run, a family launching coaster. The water coaster sends a two person craft from 35 feet in the air, through a 520 foot track, and it is a blast!

For those less adventurous guests, there is a wave pool, hot tub, and plenty of great kid areas.

Once again Cedar Point’s Castaway Bay indoor water park has brought back deeply reduced night stays thru May 2017. Your night stay includes access to the water park for up to four guests.

Are you considering staying overnight at Castaway Bay? Then check out our full review of Cedar Point’s Castaway Bay Indoor Waterpark.

Nights start as low as $98 per night. Book your stay early to ensure you lock in the savings for winter.

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Before visiting, be sure to check out our complete Castaway Bay dining guide.

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