Creepiest Peanuts Character Costumes of All Time

Today’s character costumes have come along way since their predecessors. Cedar Fair offers professional costumes that look identical to their cartoon character counterparts. However, whether they be earlier versions of costumes from years past or cheap knockoffs, we scoured the internet to find the creepiest Peanuts character costumes of all time!

Creepiest Peanuts Costumes 6

Source: Walmart

Creepiest Peanuts Costumes 7

Source: KI Central

Creepiest Peanuts Costumes 8

Source: Pinterest

NBC's "Today": Spooktacular Costume Party

Source: Today Show

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Review: Kings Dominion KOA Camp Wilderness Deluxe Cabins

170513 Kings Dominion KOA Camp Wilderness Rug

Do you need lodging when visiting Kings Dominion amusement park in Doswell, Virginia? We have stayed in area hotels, but our favorite trip involved a stay at the Kings Dominion Camp Wilderness Cabins.

Often times the hotels can be extraordinarily high, and that is where the Kings Dominion Camp Wilderness Cabins fit right within our budget. Plus season passholders save 10% off rack rates.

When traveling from a distance and wanting a more rugged experience, bringing an entire vehicle of amenities from cooking supplies to linens can be a bit of a bother. That leads us to the first reason we loved staying at the Kings Dominion KOA Camp Wilderness Deluxe Cabins.

170512 Kings Dominion KOA Cabin

1) Fully Equipped Cabins

Each deluxe cabin comes fully equipped just like a hotel room including full linens. We slept our family of five easily inside the cabin that can accommodate up to 10 guests. Each cabin feature one-bedroom with a queen-size bed, a living room with two futon sofas and a loft with two additional queen beds.

Bathrooms come fully stocked with a tub and shower, and did we mention there are two of them! No need to try to fight for restroom time with two separate bathrooms!

170512 Kings Dominion KOA Cabin Inside

The deluxe cabins also feature kitchen area with a microwave, bar sink, mini-refrigerator, coffee maker, and table & chairs, which leads us to our next favorite feature.

2) Easy Cooking and S’mores

We loved being able to do some light grocery shopping and stocking our fridge with drinks and snacks. Having food on hand made it easy for quick breakfasts and late night s’mores in the microwave. Or if you feel inclined, you can make a fire outside in the fire pit of grill.

170512 Kings Dominion KOA Cabin Smores

3) Comforts of Home

Staying at the Kings Dominion KOA Camp Wilderness Deluxe Cabins is far from roughing it. Each cabin is outfitted with four TVs. No matter the weather, enjoy air conditioning or heat inside the cabins. Stay connected with free Wi-Fi. Plus relax on the outdoor patio with a charcoal grill and picnic table.

170512 Kings Dominion KOA Street Signs

4) FUN Environment

The Kings Dominion KOA Camp Wilderness is outfitted with a pool and playgrounds, and a well stocked clubhouse, complete with games.

Not to mention, the camp ground is adjacent to Kings Dominion and offers a free shuttle to the park. This means you can have FUN at the park all day and come back and relax in your cabin, or even come home for a nice siesta mid-day and go back to the park at night.

170513 Kings Dominion KOA Lodge

We absolutely LOVED staying in the Kings Dominion deluxe cabins and it will be our choice for future visits provided the pricing falls in line with comparable hotels.

170513 Kings Dominion KOA Pool

If you stayed at the Kings Dominion KOA Camp Wilderness Deluxe Cabins, let us know your thoughts below in the comments.

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Top 6 Reasons Cedar Point Makes a Great Date

Top 6 Reasons Cedar Point Makes a Great Date

You found the perfect partner, and have gone on several dates. You took him/her to the movies, to dinner, and maybe even a sporting event, but now you are struggling with coming up with a new and exciting date to really impress them. What better date is there than a day at Cedar Point?

1) Comparison Shopping

A fancy dinner out with drinks and a play could easily set you back a couple hundred dollars, and only last an evening. However, by investing in 2 tickets to the park, you can get an entire day of fun with rides, games, and food, not to mention all the great connections you will make with your new partner.

Keep on the lookout for tickets in the $40 range, leaving you some extra money in the pocket to eat at the park and try out some of the extra activities.

2) Pump Thrills Into the Blood Stream

They say those that experience a thrilling adventure together builds strong bonds. So if she is scared of heights, conquer the Millennium Force with her, and she not only will have a great time, she will be instantly connected with you because you stood by her side through this life accomplishment. Isn’t that romantic? Now kiss the girl!

3) Food Ecstasy

Eating out at Applebees may be exciting for some, but where else can you share a delicious elephant ear, get covered in cinnamon sugar, and laugh about the experience? Cedar Point provides some great opportunities to try new foods together. How much more romantic could it be sharing a cup of Dippin’ Dots under the glow of the Gemini Midway?

4) Stuffed Treasures

We have all seen the movie where the boy wins the girl a prize at the fair. So test your skill at a variety of games, and win her that giant, pink gorilla that will make her think of you when it stares at her in the middle of the night. Use these tips to beating games and walk away with the prize!

5) Starry Eyed

Chances are, if you are visiting an amusement park, especially on the weekend, there could be a special event planned. That could mean you could both take part in a special food event. Or, a visit to Cedar Point must include a trip to the beach for Cedar Point Nights, giving you an evening to unwind (and cuddle) with live music, food, and possibly even fireworks depending on the evening of your visit.

6) Memory Makers

Taking a partner to an amusement park may bring back more memories than you know. Maybe as a child, either of your parents took you to Cedar Point, which means as soon as you walk in the gates, a flood of great memories return from your childhood. Not to mention a day of having fun will make memories both of you will remember forever.

What are your favorite reasons for a date night at Cedar Point?

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